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Best Industrial Style Tables

A central element of any room furnished in the same style, choose it with great care. If this is the case, we will explain how.

When choosing Industrial Style Tables, you need to think about many factors: the room, the furniture, the chairs, the mood; we at ProduceShop can help you choose the best ones.

Sitting down at the table is an automatic ritual for everyone, and it can mean many things: the table is the corner of the room where we eat, but also work, study, talk. It has always been a synonym for conviviality and reflects the style of the dining room or kitchen. This is why those who choose industrial style tables want to create the perfect match; combining them with the environment or creating contrasts becomes a pleasant and interesting challenge for many.

ProduceShop has chosen some of the most iconic models in this style for its catalogue, so the combination of the warm tones of wood and the cold lines of metal becomes the focal point of a room furnished in a young, dynamic way. Let’s see together which are the best industrial style tables.

Dining Table Rectangular 180x80cm Wooden Axis Metal Industrial Style Rajasthan 180

Where they come from

Just like the history of lofts, and more generally of the industrial style, the history of these tables began around the 1950s and 1960s in New York.

Following fashion and necessity, many New York artists chose old, disused or abandoned factories as their flats and work-spaces; after a thorough cleaning, they chose to keep the same spirit of the environment in the furnishings. Large windows, metal ducts and concrete walls are combined with wood and iron furnishings inspired by factory furniture and workbenches; often these are recovered materials or left in the same factory, repurposed with a more interesting eye.

Today this style is very much in vogue also in smaller cities, or even in the countryside; choosing to furnish your loft, but also a flat, with chairs, cupboards, bookcases and tables in an industrial style is an option that many are considering. The vintage and modern look at the same time is always very attractive to lovers of bold designs.

Tolix Industrial Style High Table For Stools Wood Steel 60×60 Welded

Not just tables

Obviously do not stop at simple wooden tables with metal legs; to achieve a true industrial style in your dining room you have many opportunities.

Naturally combine metal chairs, or design chairs, or chairs in an industrial style; clearly the table should be chosen first, and consequently the chairs will create a perfect match or an interesting contrast. Think also of high tables or high tables in an industrial style; instead of the classic seat this could be a solution for open spaces, studios, lofts. Perhaps to be combined with metal stools, or kitchen stools in wood and iron, to obtain a pub or steampunk effect.

Whatever the complete furnishing solution, the important thing is that your industrial style tables in wood and metal are the focal point of the décor.

Rectangular Table Set 120 X 60 With 4 Chairs In Steel And Wood Industrial Tolix Style Ralph

What are the best Industrial Style Tables?

  1. Allen

    Industrial style icon table, to furnish your dining room in an original and practical way. A wooden table with resistant steel legs, structure reinforced by X-shaped tubes, 100% Italian deisgn; the dynamic and young product for the most modern environments.

    Tavolo Tolix Tolix Industrial Steel And Wooden Table 80×80 Bar And home Allen
  2. Prandium

    Simple design, harmonious lines but with a direct and solid global image. The Prandium industrial table, with its antique-effect wooden top and hairpin legs, will be the ideal furnishing accessory to add to your vintage décor or to a contemporary setting with bold and daring pretensions.

    Dining Table 120×60 Design Tolix Industrial Metal Rectangular Wood Prandium
  3. Hammer

    A square version of the Prandium table, Hammer is capable of bringing the same look to a smaller space. Not only in the home, however; we are talking about one of the top sellers of the moment for all bars and restaurants that have chosen to give their business a vintage, lived-in image, in full New York style.

    Steel and Wood Industrial Table 80×80 Bar and Home Hammer
  4. Caupona

    The Caupona dining table will seduce you with its magnificent combination of wood and metal that together offer an amazing result; the black metal legs highligh the rectangular top with antique wood grain effect, to create a product of authentic design.

    Dining Table 120×60 Design Tolix Industrial Metal Rectangular Wood Caupona
  5. Rajasthan 160

    We present the Rajasthan series, industrial tables with a linear design, a solid metal frame and a pine wood top. The irregular edging and antique finish make it a perfect example of the revival of true industrial style: work tables rethought for avant-garde interior design.

    Industrial Style Dining Table 160x80cm Wooden Board Metal Rectangular Rajasthan 160
  6. Rajasthan 200

    Also from the Rajasthan line is the 200 cm model: an interestingly sized table to complete the dining room to accommodate guests and family. The antiqued pine surface, with a maximum load bearing capacity of 150 kg, surprises with its lightness and precision finish. A weight-resistance ratio that is difficult to find in other products in this category.

    Design Table Wooden Metal Axis Industrial Style 200x80cm Rectangular Dining Table Rajasthan 200
  7. Rajasthan 220

    You might think that 220 cm is the ideal solution only for a spacious dining room, but the Rajasthan 220 has also proven to be a focal point for many modern meeting rooms for young and dynamic companies. Incredibly light in relation to its robustness, ProduceShop has decided to offer you this piece of industrial design at a very attractive price.

    Industrial Style Dining Table Wood Metal Axis Rectangular 220x80cm Rajasthan 220

All you have to do is choose one of our Industrial Style Tables from the vast ProduceShop catalogue; furnish your dining room with the best wood and metal tables, give it a vintage yet contemporary look!

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