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7 Industrial Loft Design Ideas

A valid alternative to the studio flat, the loft maintains an undisputed retro and somewhat naive charm. Let’s find out how to make it more alive and interesting.

Large spaces, bare walls, wood, metal and concrete: here are our 7 proposals for an Industrial Loft Design.

Housing needs, interior design and sustainability: these are 3 of the guidelines that push more and more people to choose a loft as a flat.
Contemporary return of a vintage fashion, like all great ideas, it never stops renewing itself. Choosing an industrial loft design requires a good dose of imagination and a keen eye towards the rationalization and organization of spaces. The advantages from the point of view of savings, however, make it a very attractive solution; many young couples, singles or groups of friends and roommates prefer it to classic city flats. Indeed, in some areas it is more successful than villas and independent houses. So let’s see how to make it more interesting with 7 industrial style furniture proposals.

Industrial Loft Design

When are lofts born?

Between the ’70s and’ 90s, many New York artists choose an alternative solution to renting a flat or studio; disused industrial premises, such as old factories or industries, cost significantly less. Hence, in these enormous studios-ateliers many famous people of the time, or young rising stars, choose to establish both their workplace and their home.

The furniture is obviously in line with both space and limited budgets; wooden and metal solutions, neutral colours and vintage, minimalist or used furniture blend perfectly with this kind of new home. Then combining the work corners, with desks and materials for painting, sculpting or filming makes everything much more pop; the same house communicates the art of its tenant (or of the tenants, in case the expenses were to be shared).

Today this kind of flats, an interesting alternative to the classic studio flat, are very popular especially among young people; these are dynamic, modern, original and easily customizable spaces. In addition, several agencies and companies choose them as a location for offices and coworking spaces. Therefore, furnishing them in an industrial style not only continues their tradition, but perfectly completes the various characteristics that distinguish them.

Industrial Design Office Desk With Open Metal Bookcase 120×62 Cambridge

What is a loft like?

The word loft, which also indicates an attic, comes from an ancient word (lopt) with which the Vikings called the air; the etymology therefore already makes in itself the idea of this type of space.

Very large open spaces, separated or interspersed with walls and columns; very high ceilings that give the idea of large and bright spaces. Characteristics are also the large windows, or old industrial windows, and the mezzanines, useful when you want to separate areas such as sleeping or a study.

Peculiar elements are also the walls left in brick, bare or in concrete; in addition, old metal pipes and conduits for light, water and gas help to create a slightly past look, often tending to steampunk.

Tolix Industrial Style High Table For Stools Wood Steel 60×60 Welded

Some furnishing ideas

The fundamental idea of industrial furniture is that the furniture, practically always in wood and metal, have at the same time a raw, not very refined but elegant appearance.

Although many carry on the diatribe between the exclusive purchase of used vintage furniture and that of new furnishing accessories, fortunately today e-commerce also comes to the aid of those who want to save. ProduceShop, in particular, has chosen to offer a wide range of quality industrial style furniture, with FSC certified wood and at affordable prices for all.

For example, if we start from a kitchen-dining corner, we cannot help but choose a winning combination between the Welded high table, in wood and metal, and the stools of the same Steel Wood Top style: the high solutions are very common and in popular in the most modern lofts. Moving to the living room, the centrepiece could be a beautiful Aplinka wood and metal TV cabinet, also perfect for storing items in the compartments and on the shelves.

Given that for many, the industrial loft becomes a workspace, equipping it with an industrial desk with bookcase Cambridge and a Turner bookcase cabinet will be a valid and functional choice. Small tip: use the taller and wider furniture as partitions for the various spaces. In the sleeping area, if we don’t want to steal too much space from the bed, we can opt for an Otto open coat rack, in full industrial style, and an Amnes shoe cabinet with shelf.

Appendiabiti Armadio Aperto Metallo Industriale Ingresso Camera Otto
Bonus Vip!

Many famous personalities in recent decades have chosen a loft as a housing solution; not only for style and class, but because reusing old abandoned spaces avoids the construction of other buildings and a reduces environmental impact. And this is what we at ProduceShop like very much.

To give you a small example we mention 3 famous lofts from the world of art, cinema and fashion. Do you know others? Please let us know!

  • The elegant loft that Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore share in Ghost, furnished almost entirely in wood and marble; location of some of the most famous romantic scenes in the history of cinema
  • The stunning loft of designer Marc Jacobs in Soho, New York, furnished with the style and class that distinguish his personality
  • The superhero of DC Comics The Flash lives in a (badly) furnished loft, forced more by economic hardship than by fashion

Have you already chosen the neighbourhood and the city? Well! You just have to finish reading our article and start choosing the best solutions for an Industrial Loft Design.

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