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Wooden Garden Furniture: Practical Tips

When choosing outdoor furniture, attention cannot but fall on this category. So let’s discover some interesting facts.

Relaxing in the cool requires a suitable setting. Choosing Wooden Garden Furniture is therefore very important; let’s see together how to avoid some common mistakes when deciding on a purchase.

The good fortune of having a beautiful garden should not be taken for granted; it takes little to detract from a beautiful, fresh, green environment with the wrong choice of furniture. Having a spacious and peaceful outdoor space therefore also requires care when choosing wooden garden furniture.
So what are the most common mistakes to avoid?

Certainly at ProduceShop it is difficult to find pieces that are not suitable for every situation; in fact, our selection of garden and outdoor furniture is so wide and varied that it can be matched to any type of environment. However, if you have any specific doubts, continue reading our guide; in the end, you will only have to choose the most interesting furniture for you from the many on offer!

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Think about the landscape

The home garden, of course, is not a reality detached from any context; just like the home (or rather, together with it), it is immersed in a much larger context. On this apparently insignificant detail, so many style choices depend.

For example, let’s try to understand: do you have a house by the sea or in the mountains? In the open country, in the city or in a forest? Are you in the centre or in a residential suburb?

Depending on the different answers, the outdoor environment changes, and consequently so does the choice of wooden garden furniture. In a marine environment, for example, the salinity of the air must be taken into account, and therefore the resistance of the finishes, as well as specific colours and woods; if you are in the countryside, the rustic and somewhat chabby chic look (also suitable for woods and mountains), can certainly be important; finally, the city gives ample space to the mixing of styles and materials, with the intervention of metal, glass and plastic solutions.

Wooden outdoor tiles 100x100cm garden terrace floor Kiwi

Don’t forget functionality

The beautiful appearance that your garden will take on is not the only thing to consider; when choosing to furnish an environment, in fact, one of the focal points is comfort, or rather the functionality of the furniture you choose.

Every single piece of furniture is in fact purchased to meet a need; if convenience of use is no longer possible, then the purchase also loses efficiency. Therefore, try to opt for wooden garden furniture that is not only beautiful, but above all suitable for what you have set out to do.

If you are choosing tables, make sure they are spacious enough to accommodate the right number of diners; for armchairs, chairs, rockers and sofas, comfort comes first. As for wooden fittings and furniture such as fences, planters, garden boxes, garden houses, choose them almost exclusively according to your technical needs.

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Space, layout, footprint

Carefully calculate the area to be occupied; a common mistake is to disregard the measurements (“it’s a garden anyway, there’s enough space!”), thus running the risk of filling up an area that’s cluttered and untidy to the limit.

If you choose to cover a part with wooden garden tiles, make sure that the grass underneath is the right size, that the ground is level and solid, and that there is enough greenery around. If you buy a garden umbrella, select carefully where you want your shade area. For lounges, armchairs, benches and chairs, assess the space around them so that you can move around and not risk getting squashed or having to struggle to sit down.

Finally, for furniture such as flower boxes (horizontal or vertical), or for elements such as fences, or even for decorations to be hung on trees such as wooden birdhouses or feeders, be as precise as possible, to avoid impairing the use and function of each of these elements.

Ground Floor Planter Wooden Garden Outdoor Balcony Terrace 81x44x40cm

The watchword: planning!

A sure way of not leaving anything to chance is to also plan your garden furnishings meticulously. By preparing a roadmap, with a list of the factors to be considered, the wooden garden furniture to be purchased, the costs and the timeframe, you will be sure not to end up with a rambling, junk-strewn patio at the end of the game.

Among the various factors which, all too often, are ignored, but which should be evaluated, we have:

  • ground: check that it is level, or that any inclinations and unevenness are compensated for by the arrangement of furniture and decorations;
  • climate: depending on the climate of the area where you live, opt for specific furniture. Some types of wood are affected by the sun or salty air, while others can be damaged by rain and snow;
  • wind: especially if you are thinking of parasols, cushions or hanging items such as wooden birdhouses, you should try to adapt to the usual wind conditions (also because the wind can hardly adapt to yours!);
  • exposure: Carefully calculate the sun exposure of your garden. Based on this, you will already know when to enjoy the hottest moments and when the shade, or how to prevent certain elements from discolouring in too much sun;
  • budget: an important element that is often overlooked. Set yourself a budget with little margin, so that you do not risk overspending.
Bird Nest Wooden House Outdoor Garden Party Red

With a guide like this you certainly won’t go wrong! Choose the best Wooden Garden Furniture from the ProduceShop catalogue now, and start giving your outdoor area a more rustic and elegant charm!

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