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Vintage Furniture: Best Velvet Sofas and Armchairs

If you want to bring an air of elegance and sophistication to your interior, giving in to Velvet Wave is certainly the way to go!

Nothing gives a sense of warmth, hearth and class like fabric covers; traditional, with a touch of modernity, but timeless. So let’s discover the best Velvet Sofas, Chairs and Armchairs in the ProduceShop catalogue.

There is a risk of getting lost in a jungle when choosing the style of furniture for your interior; between the more classic and the more modern options, not to mention all the nuances in between, we have dozens, if not hundreds, of different options. From vintage to industrial furniture, from Scandinavian to rustic style, passing through Mediterranean, oriental, Japanese style, minimalist, ethnic, shabby chic, and you name it! In this welter, today we would like to introduce you to a must-have of many of these options: Velvet Wave, which is expressed in velvet sofas, chairs and armchairs.

Ideal for the home as well as for offices, we undoubtedly link them to those environments that want to recall a more vintage style, linked to old school, that recalls homes and rooms of a bygone era (but with an eye to modern solutions as well). Today ProduceShop presents the most interesting models; it’s up to you to continue browsing our catalogue to discover more (and how to coordinate them)!

Scandinavian Design Wood Velvet Chair With Cushion Kitchen Bar Restaurant Dolphin Lux

Velvet: the characteristics that make it appreciated

Following the velvet trend is not just a stylistic quirk; this type of furniture cover (and not only), in fact, has several architectural and design features that, in a well-conceived project, can make the difference between an improvised environment and a truly classy one.

Originating in the East centuries ago, between Central Asia, Iran and Iraq, it spread to Europe thanks to the commercial traffic of medieval merchants. Right from the start, Italy became an important production hub, with cities such as Venice, Lucca and Palermo competing for the monopoly of the product and the knowledge that helped them produce it. From the Renaissance onwards, every drawing room, court and palace displayed interiors, clothes and objects made or lined in precious velvet, combined with precious metals or exotic woods.

Starting from modernity, industrial processing and the creation and discovery of alternative basic fabrics to wool and silk made it more affordable for everyone, but no less coveted; passing through the refined designs of the mid-twentieth century, even today this fabric is synonymous with elegance, glamour and sophistication, both in dressing and furnishing. There are in fact three characteristics that are most appreciated:

  • the iridescent nature of the colour, which adapts to the play of light according to the angle of perspective;
  • pleasantness and softness to the touch, which make it extremely comfortable on velvet sofas and armchairs;
  • the versatility of use, which makes it perfect for glamorous furnishings but equally suitable for other solutions (both in combination and in contrast).
Modern 3 Seater Sofa Bed Clic Clac Fabric Design Velvet Villolus

What are the best Velvet Sofas, Chairs and Armchairs?

  1. Calicis AHD

    The warm and soft effect of the velvety fabric that caresses the skin, combined with the comfortable and soft seat of the Calicis armchair screams design and elegance from every angle. Its cosy shape, which, like a chalice decorated with sinuous upholstered petals, imposes itself in the room, is just one of the thousand and one reasons to want it in any classy interior design project.

    Shell Chair Modern Design Velvet Legs Golden Calicis
  2. Fluffy Modus Sofà

    A spacious sofa bed, soft and with a slightly distant taste, which recalls the classic designs of the past and the love for the most pleasant fabrics to the touch; Fluffy by Modus Sofà is the ideal choice for all those who want to complete the furnishing of their living room with an elegant, versatile and always tidy relaxation point. The most surprising feature? The magic price proposed by ProduceShop.

    Divano Letto 2 Posti Clic Clac Tessuto Velluto Design Classico Fluffy
  3. Nox Superstool

    A good stool, whether for the home or for a bar, doesn’t have to be spartan, or made of bare wood or metal; sometimes an elegant solution, soft to the touch and soft in its lines, can be the most advantageous option in terms of comfort and image. So why not choose stools inspired by velvet armchairs like the Nox by Superstool? Adjustable, swivel, with footrests, to reach the highest possible heights of comfort.

    Adjustable Swivel Kitchen Bar Stool Footstool Quilted velvet Nox
  4. Patogu AHD

    The softness of the velvety fabric is enhanced in this chair by the delicate pastel shades you can choose from; Patogu by the brand AHD is an upholstered chair, comfortable and dedicated to those spaces where harmony and measure are the focus of the furnishing project. The velvety upholstery makes it perfect for bright environments, offering iridescent and lively shadow effects.

    Modern Kitchen Dining Room Chair Velvet Golden Legs Patogu
  5. Caullae Modus Sofà

    One of the brand’s top sellers, the Caullae by Modus Sofà is the classic velvet sofa that brings that touch of old school class to any room it is in, with brilliant discretion and regularity of size. Soft and padded, the capitonnée cover immediately transforms it into a furnishing accessory straight out of the 1960s, with simple, functional lines and a range of colours that are each more beautiful than the last.

    Clic Clac Modern Sofa Bed 3 Seater Velvet Legs Golden
  6. Holoserica AHD

    Continuing the range of homeware with a vintage feel, a velvet-covered stool like the Holoserica by AHD is perhaps among the most curious and original pieces. A delicate yet decisive seat, which in a stark contrast between shiny golden legs and a soft cover in intense and elegant colours, creates an effective contrast that immediately harmonises any environment and ensemble it decorates.

    Upholstered Stool Round Pouf Velvet Footstool Design Holoserica
  7. Rocking AHD

    If you are looking for the comfort and serenity of a good night’s sleep, a velvet-effect rocking chair is the ideal choice. And if you choose a model like our Rocking, the certainty of relaxation on a classy, high-quality and attractively priced accessory is practically discounted! The eiffel structure finally gives that extra touch to the soft cover and the natural wood base, offering a chair that is perfect in every detail.

    Eiffel Rocking Modern Design Velvet Chair
  8. Bert AHD

    Even a finely-designed dining room deserves to have seating to match; by opting for a velvet chair like the Bert by AHD, you won’t have the problem of choosing the right complement. Based on a simple and minimalist design idea, it combines the beauty of the velvet cover with the elegance of the golden legs, on which a soft upholstery covered in fabric offers an iridescent and hypnotic play of light and colour.

    Modern Velvet Chair Kitchen Dining Room Living Room Legs Golden Bert
  9. Ametista Modus Sofà

    Elegance is not always synonymous with complexity; if we take the Ametista sofa bed as a practical example, with its soft padding and velvet-effect microfibre covering, we can begin to discover a world of essential furnishing accessories, minimal but at the same time refined and of great visual impact. The deep black of the fabric makes it the focal point of every room it furnishes, highlighting its versatility and the comfort that shines through in every corner.

    2 Seater Velvet Effect Microfibre Sofa Bed Design Modern Ametista
  10. Rossetto AHD

    An elegant pouf or a classy stool? Both, of course! The Rossetto, a small and iconic model from AHD, packs a number of functions into a minimalist design that is simple, striking and with a very clear reference to vintage furniture models, if not original 60s style pieces. A gilded metal ring supports the soft cushions, designing a cylinder of comfort and refined beauty.

    Pouf Footstool Low Padded Stool Round Design Velvet Rossetto
  11. Lucrezia Le Roi du Relax

    Here we find ourselves in the presence of the nonplus-ultra in terms of comfort: a velvet relaxation armchair, with footrest and reclining backrest, as soft and welcoming as our Lucrezia, is hard to find at a better price than that offered by ProduceShop. In the relaxation chair segment, in fact, one factor that has a great influence on the correct and best use of the chair is the fabric of the upholstery. Well, if you opt for a velvet model, you can be sure you’ll have nothing to complain about!

    Recliner Relax Armchair With Microfibre Footrest Velvet Lucrezia
  12. Modelis AHD

    As soft and cosy as a hug, Modelis is just what you need for your relaxing moments at the end of the day: designed by AHD, it combines comfort and elegance to perfection, with the soft lines of the velvet seat combined with the simple shapes of the structure and the upholstery with a fresh and modern design. Perfect for adding a touch of style to your living area, bedroom or any other room in the house.

    Rocking Chair Modern Velvet Lounge Armchair Cushion

Softness, colour, elegance and good taste: choose one of our Velvet Sofas, Chairs, Poufs and Armchairs without waiting a minute longer!

Rocking chair velvet modern armchair living room cushion Botanika
Rocking chair modern velvet armchair living room cushion Modelis
Rocking chair modern wood armchair living room cushion Supoles
Modern rocking chair living room armchair wood cushion Houpa
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