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The Console table: Guide and Tips for furnishing the entrance hall

The entrance is a space that we often neglect or do not furnish with the right attention. Nevertheless, it remains the visiting card of our home, the first image that guests have of the house.

For this reason, it must be enhanced even more than other rooms in the house. But how to achieve this? Simple, by arranging a console table!

The entrance hall is the first room that greets us when we walk through the door after a long day; it is also where we welcome guests, who will have a first impression of the whole house. It is therefore essential to furnish it with some care, paying attention to style and accessories. The simplest solution is to add a coat rack, a small corner for shoes and, why not, a nice console table.

If you’ve never heard of a console table, our guide will tell you what it is, how to choose it and where it’s best used in your home; all thanks to the useful buying tips offered, as always, by ProduceShop!

Console Table 120x40cm White Metal Wooden Entrance Furniture Welcome Light

The star of the entrance hall

Like every room in our home, the entrance hall has a few “must-haves” that can’t be missed. One of these pieces of furniture is the console table, which, together with the wardrobe, shoe rack and mirror, is the perfect companion for keeping the entrance of your home tidy, and can tell us about the personality of the person living there at first glance.

In the entrance area, the console table embellishes, decorates and does not take up much space. Regardless of the size and design of the individual model, as soon as you cross the threshold of your home, this table provides an indispensable surface to put all those objects that fill the inside pockets of jackets, jeans or handbags every day, such as house and car keys, wallets, sunglasses, or even just coins. In short, everything ends up on the console table as soon as we get home.

A thousand uses’ furniture

Generally, it is placed in the entrance hall to store keys, smartphones, documents and everything else you have in your hands when you return home; in reality, it has no real fixed location.

Much more than a simple table, thanks to its versatile dimensions the console table fits perfectly into any corner of the house, finding a place even in the smallest spaces; if necessary, it can meet different needs depending on the context and the necessity, even turning into an extendable dining table (if required). Not bad at all for a single piece of furniture that is so ignored!

Space-Saving Extendable Table 237cm Modern Living Room Dining Room Garda

Space where and when you need it: the extendable console table

The console table, if extendable, becomes one of the most intelligent and recommended solutions for those who live in medium-small flats, but do not want to give up organizing parties with friends; at the same time, it is ideal for those who already have a table but it is not big enough for lunches, dinners and big dinners with many guests. Basically, there are three types of extendable consoles:

  • with extension leaves, with a special space for storing the extension leaves when not in use;
  • without extension leaves, for which it is necessary to find a space to store them;
  • consoles with integrated extensions.

As far as dimensions are concerned, there are many different types; when closed they generally measure less than half a metre, and almost all of them allow you to have large tables or standard kitchen tables for everyday use when open.

If you decide for an extendable console table, you will have to keep in mind the dimensions of the room where you want to place it; then check the space it occupies when fully open. This is because if you are going to place it, for example, in an open space kitchen, you could run the risk of it becoming excessively bulky, obstructing the passage of the diners.

Shabby Chic Wooden Coffee Table Console Desk 106x47cm Tuscan

A bit of style

Wherever you decide to place your console table, it is necessary to keep in mind the general style of the house furnishings. The console table must be in harmony with the atmosphere of the room and, above all, with the colour of the wall against which you will eventually place it. Remember: the most fashionable console table is not necessarily the one that will fit into your home. Whether you choose a modern extendable console table or a classic, vintage or industrial style model, our advice for a sensible purchase is to rely (as always) on your personal taste in furniture.

And an eye to the budget

Finally, one of the aspects that should not be forgotten when buying a console table is certainly the price. Despite the fact that costs can vary considerably depending on materials and style, by choosing a fixed or extendable entrance console table for sale online you can save money compared to a physical shop. For example, with ProduceShop, which specializes in the sale of furnishing accessories and guarantees you the best price on the web.

Need more advice? No problem: if you have any doubts, let our interior designers advise you; they are always ready to help you at the time of purchase, even when choosing the best console table for your home.

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