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The best Living Room Armchairs: ProduceBlog’s choice

Although it is said that true comfort is priceless, here we have to contradict; there is always a price, but the important thing is that it is convenient!

That’s why ProduceShop has chosen to compile this ranking of the best Living Room Armchairs. The most beautiful and comfortable models, but at the most interesting prices on the online market (and not only). Let’s discover them together!

Whether they are design models, or comfortable relaxing armchairs, it doesn’t matter; living room armchairs are an element that is difficult to give up when furnishing your home. Not only for their undisputed usefulness, but also for the characteristic design they carry. Few furnishing elements, in fact, communicate warmth, conviviality, comfort, “home”, like a beautiful armchair in the centre of the living room.

Choosing them with care then becomes a challenge to oneself: are we more of a design model, or grandma’s armchair? Is it better a patchwork pattern, or a nice leatherette profile? Scandinavian design or classic soft seating?
The choice you make will always be the right one; in the meantime, ProduceShop presents you with the best models from its catalogue, just to start giving you the necessary sprint.

Modern Patchwork Bergère Design Reclining Relax Armchair Throne

Why choose one (or a few more)

Normally, when choosing seating for the living room, the first doubt that arises is always the same: sofa or armchair?

The answer is neither simple, nor unambiguous, nor obvious; there are many factors to consider (available space in the house, number of people, special needs, style of the living room), and it is difficult to dictate a general rule to be applied in every case. As a rough indication, we can certainly say to evaluate both options; a complete living room, in fact, usually contemplates the coexistence of a sofa and at least one armchair, when not two. In this way you will have not only more seats, but also different possible conformations of the geometry and space. In addition, the seating hierarchy can be established in different degrees, giving the living room a more orderly and elegant look.

Closing the ensemble with a nice coffee table would be the icing on the cake to go with your new lounge chairs.

Manual Reclining Relax Armchair With Fabric Footrest Hope

What to consider before choosing them?

Like any important purchase, it is always best to consider all the features we are looking for in lounge chairs. Not only because we are talking about a not inconsiderable expense (although it is always possible to save money); usually, they are decorative elements that grow and age with us and with the house, they are part of it and characterise it. Therefore, the least we can do is to pay attention to furniture that is expected to last.

Among the most important factors to consider before buying, we think of:

  • materials and quality: these two words form a mantra that usually guides our every purchase. If a solid wooden frame is practically a must, the upholstery leaves more freedom of choice: fabric, leatherette, velvet, rope, ratta or polirattan. Also make sure the upholstery is nice and soft and comfortable;
  • price: definitely one of the most important guidelines. Maybe set yourself a minimum and a maximum budget (in order not to go below a good quality, and with an adequate gap); base yourself not only on the absolute price of the armchair, but also on the relative price of the whole living room. In this way, you will avoid risky combinations and unreasonably high expenses;
  • Reviews: many people rely on the opinion of others in the process of choosing and buying. Seeing that someone else has had a good buying experience before us, and that the product really meets their needs, convinces most undecided customers to proceed. ProduceShop, with a very high score on the best aggregators, has always relied on feedback from its customers.

What are the best Living Room Armchairs?

  1. Sofia

    A multifunctional recliner armchair that fits in perfectly with the style of your living room; the Sofia, the jewel in the crown of the Le Roi Du Relax brand, is definitely a complete and functional piece of furniture. The soft, elegant, washable fabric upholstery, coordinated with the soft padding and the mechanism for reclining and raising the footrest and backrest, make it a perfect element for your living room. living room.

    Sofia Recliner Swing Armchair With Footrest
  2. Patchy

    One of the top sellers in the designer armchair segment, Patchy is a triumph of colour, lines and comfort from yesteryear, with a nod to today’s fashions. A modern Scandinavian design and a colourful patchwork cover combine to create a piece of furniture that will brighten up your living room. Comfortable, beautiful, warm.

    Sofa Chair Patchwork Scandinavian Padded Living Offices Patchy
  3. Alice

    When you want to relax with a good book, a cup of tea, some music, lie down on a comfortable reclining armchair, with footrest and backrest with manual mechanism, in black leatherette and soft padding, Alice is the perfect Le Roi Du Relax solution. A comfortable and elegant living room armchair, to rest, furnish and enjoy moments of relaxation in a classy environment.

    Reclining Relax Armchair With Imitation Leather Footrest Alice
  4. Seashell

    Some designs are characterised as “legendary”: whether because of the adaptability of their shapes, their commercial success, or because they are aesthetically and functionally perfect. The Seashell design of the Seashell armchair is certainly one of them; a small armchair with a very professional, casual, elegant look, which nonetheless manages to fit into a living room without cancelling out its nature as a place to rest.

    Classic Design Cockpit Leather Armchair For Living Room Office Waiting Room Seashell
  5. Anna Design

    A great classic, which brings to mind the old armchairs in grandparents’ homes, but with a contemporary twist; Anna Design is definitely a minimalist lounge armchair, simple but always elegant and complete. With its clean, clear lines and the comfort of a reclining backrest with footrest, it is the delax armchair almost “par excellence”. Complete with a handy pocket for newspapers and a remote control on the side, it leaves no detail out of the equation.

    Relaxing Fabric Reclinable Armchair With Footrest Anna
  6. Allborg

    How many fans of Scandinavian design? Well, then you won’t want to miss out on an armchair like our Allborg; a large, comfortable and spacious upholstered rocking chair with an immortal design in essential, clean lines. Not the classic living room armchair, of course, but a variation on the theme that is definitely worth a try; natural wood and comfortable fabric, then, are a combination that guarantees unparalleled comfort and solidity.

  7. Marie

    True comfort: making the home a true paradise for everyone. For those who find it more difficult to get up and sit down, or who have special needs, a relaxation armchair like the Marie is the perfect help. The convenient LIFT lift system, as well as backrest recline and footrest lift, are electronically controlled via the handy remote control. Choosing your level of comfort is simple and straightforward; add to that the beautiful fabric texture, soft upholstery and quality finish and you have a complete, elegant and durable chair.

    Fabric Electric Reclining Chair Lift And Wheels For The Elderly Marie
  8. Modesto

    Still in the Nordic line, the Modesto living room armchair: Scandinavian design and bright colours for a modern, comfortable piece of furniture suitable for many types of environment. The wide and enveloping backrest, quilted with buttons, and the soft padded seat make it a comfortable embrace, ideal for your moments of relaxation at home, perhaps in front of the fireplace, perhaps watching a good film or an exciting book.

    Nordic Style Modern Design Living Room Armchair In Wood And Fabric Modesto
  9. Panama

    The beauty of sinking into a comfortable armchair, being embraced by the padded armrests, the soft backrest with cushions, the snappy footrest and the reclining back: a priceless and unparalleled relaxation. The Panama armchair, a perfect complement for the classic living room, as well as for the more vintage-industrial environment, is designed precisely for this sensation. An imposing structure, which, with its leatherette upholstery and elegant stitching, nevertheless manages to keep the furnishing style of your living room high.

    Reclining Eco-Leather Relax Armchair With Footrest Panama
  10. Brooke

    Frequent unexpected guests? Do you like to take a siesta after lunch without leaving the warmth of your living room? Then a convertible lounge chair like the Brooke is just what you need. The simple wallet-opening mechanism allows you to have a single bed in no time at all, or a chaise longue if you only partially recline the backrest. The lounge chair for lazy people who like to keep a touch of class in their interior decoration.

    Space-Saving Modern Design Single Armchair Bed With Armrests Brooke

The best Living Room Armchairs? But of course the ones in the
ProduceShop catalogue!
We’ve shown you a few: all you have to do is continue the tour on our website and choose only the best one for your living room. Take advantage of the offers!

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