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The Best Christmas Trees: great models at low prices

With Christmas approaching, the question arises: real or artificial fir? ProduceShop has the answer, as always!

Artificial Christmas trees are now traditional; they are cheap, timeless and help the environment by avoiding waste. Let’s see which ones are the best for this year.

The Christmas season is one of the most beautiful of the year: lights, music, warmth, lots of smiles, presents and closeness. And last but not least, beautiful Christmas trees everywhere.
As for those to be set up and decorated at home, however, an initial choice must be made: real or artificial?

For years, ProduceShop has been offering a wide range of artificial Christmas trees in its catalogue to suit every taste; there are several reasons for choosing them:

  • Avoiding waste, cutting down trees every year that will be thrown away as early as January
  • Containing costs, given the increasingly affordable price of a synthetic tree
  • Offering trees that will last for years, without drying out, spoiling or becoming ugly.

Using an eCommerce store, despite the “seeing is believing“, offers two major advantages: more choice and more competitive prices.

Artificial Christmas Tree Decorated Ecological 210 Cm Tampere

A few guidelines for choosing

Obviously we have a complete buying guide ready for you to consult; but let’s mention the essential points to consider before buying.

This way, once you’ve read the guide, you’ll still have some basic information when you’re looking for our ranking of the best Christmas tree models.

  • Measurements: The two basic measurements to consider are height (sizes S, M, L, XL, so 120 to 240 cm), and diameter (Slim, Medium, Large). Based on the size of the room, the sense of volume you want to give or avoid, and the ease of transport and assembly.
  • Real touch effect: A good quality tree will be realistic not only to the eye, but also to the touch. This will therefore depend on the materials, PVC for cheaper trees, polyethylene for more expensive ones.
  • Branches, tips and thickness: Depending on the number of branches (or tips), the tree will be more or less thick. While the tree is at its thickest from the 800 tips, many people choose bare trees to make the decorations stand out more.
  • Colours and decorations: green or white? Single colour, shaded or with snow sprinkles? Here you have to choose according to personal taste. If you want to make decorating easier, many trees come with decorations already mounted on them

Keep an eye on the budget: not just the cost of the tree itself; check all the features to make sure you get the perfect value for money.

Artificial Christmas Tree 180 Cm With Included Decorations Bergen

What are the best Christmas trees for ProduceBlog?

  1. Manitoba

    An extra-thick tree, with more than 800 tips, in 180 cm of height: Manitoba is one of the most popular artificial Christmas trees on ProduceShop, and not just because of the beautiful snow-covered foliage or the decorations included; we’re talking about a synthetic tree that will last for years, with a metal base with four feet that guarantees solidity and firmness to the structure. An artificial substitute that will definitely not make you miss a real tree!

    Artificial Christmas Tree With Decorations Decorated 180 Cm Manitoba
  2. Oslo

    Don’t want to save money next year and want an everlasting tree? The 240 cm Oslo artificial Christmas tree with decorations from Eco-Xmas is the best in terms of practicality, charm and durability, offered at one of the most attractive prices in the segment. A quick, inexpensive, yet stunning way to decorate your home, saving you time and money to enjoy with your family. A solid, easy-to-assemble tree that will serve to make decoration time even more fun over the years.

    Artificial Christmas Tree 240 Cm With Included Decorations Oslo
  3. Helsinki

    How can you not immediately smell the scent of ginger and eggnog, or the jingle of presents, under a tree as thick, lush and imposing as our Helsinki? Almost two and a half metres of thick branches made of soft plastic reproduce the tactile sensations of a verdant fir tree, leaving the tree quietly breathing in the woods. Stable on its metal base, it is completely fireproof, non-toxic and non-allergenic. How wide is it? Just wide enough to hold all the presents underneath!

    Traditional Artificial Christmas Tree 240 Cm Helsinki
  4. Oulu

    Another EcoXmas giant, a realistic synthetic fir tree, complete with pine cones and snowy branches. Oulu is ideal for those who don’t want to miss out on the beauty of a genuine evergreen: realistic, extra tall and wide, it’s the perfect base from which to add your favourite decorations, lights and Christmas colours. When the festivities are over, you can easily fold it up, store it away and keep it ready for the next 100 Christmases to come!

    Artificial Christmas Tree With Decorations Decorated 240 Cm Oulu
  5. Zermatt

    Fancy an alternative Christmas decoration? Then you need a white tree, like our Zermatt tree: 240 cm of completely snow-covered branches to bring out the lights and colours of your home decorations even more. With more than 1,544 branches, it’s the white alternative to a verdant natural fir tree that will save years of waste and ensure you always have a top Christmas. Easy to assemble, completely non-toxic and fireproof, you can safely store it immediately after the holidays (but especially after you’ve unwrapped your presents).

    Traditional Classic Artificial White Christmas Tree 240 Cm Zermatt

Do you already hear Santa’s reindeer pawing? Are you about to slice sweets and unwrap packages? Just wait a little longer! Get one of our beautiful artificial Christmas trees, decorate them with the most beautiful, bright and colourful decorations and get ready for a Christmas of fun and joy!

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