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Sunbeds 2022: the best sunbeds for ProduceShop

Don’t you already smell the sea? Are you already preparing for summer? Don’t forget the basics!

It would be crazy to go to the beach without a sunbed ready for use. Which are this year’s best? ProduceBlog reveals them to you in this article!

Like every year, ProduceShop is getting ready with you for the upcoming summer season. The first sunny days, the first warm and relaxing mornings are a perfect opportunity to get organised, so why not start by choosing all your beach equipment? We don’t miss a thing: beach umbrellas, beach towels, sun loungers, coolers and lots of friends to go on holiday with!

Clearly, before choosing a sunbed you need to be clear in your mind which ones are the most beautiful. In today’s article, a top 10 of the best models, directly from our catalogue. Let’s start discovering them together!

Santorini Europe Professional Aluminium Beach and Sea Sunbed

How many are there?

It seems easy to just say “beach loungers” and buy the first one you find. In reality, we have many types and many different interesting features to consider.

So what are the most common types?

  • Classic beach lounger: this is the simplest, most traditional model, but also the most popular. A comfortable fabric base stretched over the structure, backrest and sunshade: you can’t go wrong;
  • folding beach lounger: for those with special space/travel needs, there are the convenient folding models. Easily foldable, lightweight and practical for every occasion;
  • deckchair: the smaller, chair version. They come in a wide variety of designs, for those who, even on the beach, can’t resist a healthy afternoon nap;
  • sea bed with wheels: maximum comfort! Easy to move and carry, to follow the hours of sunshine and cool moments in the shade. This is one of the most popular models both for bathing establishments (for its practicality) and for pool lovers;
  • beach chair: the classic shore chair. Small, handy, often made of plastic to be even easier to carry;
  • fixed chaise-longue: elegant and robust models, suitable for private beaches and classy poolside.
Folding plastic sun lounger for swimming pool and beach Premiere Grand Soleil

How to choose them?

First of all, a fundamental step is to go and read our complete buying guide now; if you have already done so some time ago, and you need a short comprehensive recap, we will explain the fundamental factors to take into account when choosing:

  • materials: of course, make sure of the quality of the materials, resistance and robustness. Aluminium is king for the structures, as are textilene and polycotton for the canvas. High-end plastics (PP, polyrattan) are also in use;
  • Measurements: Although length, width and height from the ground tend to be standard, it is also true that these measurements are not always the right ones. Some models, therefore, have both large and small versions;
  • design: this should be chosen according to your personal taste. So opt for coloured or non-coloured models, glossy, lacquered or satin finishes, patterns or plain colours, depending on your current passion;
  • type: after reading the previous paragraph, choose one or more types of sunbed according to your needs. Think about where you will use it, how you will transport it and how you will store it;
  • budget: last but not least, think about the cost. Very cheap models tend to be cheap. Good quality, however, can be found at reasonable prices, especially from experienced retailers like ProduceShop.

And now, without waiting any longer, let’s take a look at the top 10 best sunbed models of 2022!

What are the best Sea Sunbeds for 2022?

  1. Santorini

    The undisputed king of all beaches, the Santorini is once again a sales champion this year. There’s a reason (or rather, more than one) why so many people choose it; the sturdy anodised aluminium structure, the deckchair top in comfortable washable textilene, the reclining backrest with cushion and sun canopy are just the most striking of its features. All you have to do is choose your colour and start relaxing while you wait!

    Professional Beach Sunbed Aluminium Santorini
  2. Santorini Limited Edition

    More elegant weight, colours reminiscent of exotic woods, a thicker reinforced structure: these are the technical features that identify the Santorini Limited Edition, the older brother of the top list. Also here we have anodised aluminium and textilene to support you during your relaxing moments on the beach; the only worry will be to choose the colour that best matches your swimming costume and tan!

    Professional Beach Sunbed Aluminium Santorini Limited Edition
  3. Seychelles

    Motorcyclists? Bus travellers? Walkers? A folding beach lounger is definitely the one for you. Compact and lightweight, of the various models in the catalogue the Seychelles is definitely one of the best choices. With its ultra-light anodised aluminium structure and PP inserts, and breathable textilene surface, you can not only fold it up for transport, but also position it in 4 different ways for maximum relaxation.

    Foldable Aluminium Beach Garden Sunbed Seychelles
  4. Italia

    You can’t beat the practicality and simplicity of classic beach loungers; that’s why a sunbed like the Italia never fails to be the ideal companion for many beach lovers (and not only). Anodised aluminium and steel hardware to support a washable textilene fabric with extra weight, an adjustable sun canopy with which to enjoy only the best hours of shade and sun, a comfortable headrest cushion. Is there anything else you need to be comfortable?

    Professional Beach Sunbed Aluminium Italia
  5. Italia XL

    If you don’t want to give up the comfort of the Italia, but are looking for more space (or want to share it), the Italia XL is the extra version for you. All the comforts of the original model, but with increased dimensions and adjusted proportions, to enjoy the unlimited relaxation that these beach loungers can offer. What could be better than lying wide and well on a perfect sunbed, with your head in the shade on a soft cushion?

    Large Aluminium Beach Sunbed Italia Xl Professionale
  6. Cancun

    If you’re looking for folding beach loungers that stray from the classic, boring designs of the past, you’ve come to the right place. The Cancun is a lightweight sunbed that is easy to open, close and transport, designed for those who love colour and freshness even on holiday. It can be folded into three parts and has an adjustable sunshade. You can secure it with the elasticated reinforcement straps, so you can enjoy your well-deserved hours of rest on the beach without lacking in style.

    Beach Sunbed Foldable Aluminium Cancun
  7. Alabama

    Especially popular with beach and pool operators, the Alabama wheeled sunbed screams comfort and versatility from every angle. Manoeuvrable and transportable, but at the same time solid and safe, this beach lounger combines many conveniences in a single article; from the aluminium structure to the comfortable wide-mesh textilene seat, to the rear wheels to place it wherever you like, without having to close or lift it.

    Aluminium Garden Beach Pool Sunlounger With Wheels Aluminium Alabama
  8. California

    Total relaxation is even better when you don’t have to make the effort to enjoy it: the California beach lounger, which can be easily folded into three parts, is the lightweight resting companion for all beach holiday lovers. Light and sturdy, you can easily fold it up to take it to the beach or to store it when you get home (or leave it in the boot, ready for the next trip to the beach). In multiple colours and textures, the textilene seat is easily washable.

    Folding Aluminium Beach Sunlounger California
  9. Playa

    We are dealing with a very classy chaise-longue model, designed both for the most exclusive poolside and for the most beautiful and modern equipped beaches. The Playa is the most interesting synthetic rattan beach chaise-longue in the segment, created to suit refined environments and contemporary gardens. A sturdy and solid steel frame, yet lightweight, with an adjustable backrest, supports a soft 6cm thick cushioning for maximum comfort and relaxation. To let it slip away at the ProduceShop price would be pure madness!

    Garden Sunbeds Sea & Beach Sunbeds Design Poly Rattan Beach Mattress Playa
  10. Banana

    Part beach chair, part sun lounger, part deckchair: the Banana is one of the most versatile products in the ProduceShop catalogue in the sun lounger category. Extremely light, foldable, colourful and easy to open and close, you can take it comfortably for a stroll along the shore to find the best spot to enjoy the cool afternoon waves. A cushion, then, can only be the ideal plus!

    Portable Steel Beach Sunlounger with Wheels Cot Banana

The summer holidays are approaching (always too slow); choose one of our Sunbeds now so you don’t miss a single afternoon of relaxation on the beach!

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