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Scandinavian Chair and Nordic Design: not exclusively IKEA

An idea of design linked to history, tradition, necessity and elegance. Let’s discover it together on ProduceBlog!

The famous Scandinavian or Nordic Design chair is a product that has been popular in every home and office for almost 70 years. One small clue though: it’s not exclusive to Ikea!

When a product, a brand, a style are irrevocably linked, it is difficult to get them out of the common imagination; this is why so many brands are successful: they tie themselves to a precise style or product, often ignoring how much the market can actually range. If we take the classic Nordic chair as an example, but all Scandinavian design products in general, most people immediately think about Ikea.

However, not many people know it and that is why we are telling you, other suppliers and eCommerce also offer Nordic design products; not just copies, but high-quality original products, often at very attractive prices.
ProduceShop, for example, has a whole range of Scandinavian and Nordic design chairs.
In today’s article we show you the best; without bothering Ikea or other industrial giants.

Dining Chair Tulip NORDICA With Cushion Scandinavian Design For Cafès

A little story: what is the Nordic (or Scandinavian) style?

Although the two terms often seem to be interchangeable in the field of furniture and design, there is actually a small difference; by Nordic style we mean the type of design that emerged immediately after the Second World War in the countries of Northern Europe. Attention to shapes, the nature of materials and an eye for functionality are the main guidelines.

The Scandinavian style is nothing more than an evolution of it, which saw the light around the 1950s. More towards modern, it has several currents, some of which break away from the rules of this design (vintage lines or use of metal, even if raw); fundamental characteristics are the predominance of white – in countries where the sun is rare and as much light as possible is needed – harmony of forms, even if apparently chaotic, wise use of wood and its enhancement with other materials.

Although some brands, including Ikea, have embraced this style over the years, there are many designers and marketplaces offering Scandinavian design products. Some of these, focusing more on the quality of the materials and manufacture than on the brand, such as ProduceShop, offer them in their catalogue at extremely attractive prices; without winking at customers’ habits.

Armchair Rocking Chair In Ergonomic Scandinavian Design Aalborgb

What are the best Nordic and Scandinavian Design Chairs?

  1. Dexer

    Among the most iconic designs of the Nordic style, Dexer combines the classic of wood with the modernity of polypropylene in a functional and elegant chair.A simple and linear piece of furniture, which furnishes any environment with class, giving warmth and a Scandinavian soul to any indoor space.

    SScandinavian Dining Design Chair For Home Bars Restaurants Dexer
  2. Nordica Plus

    A Scandinavian and modern design chair, in wood and polypropylene, with a fabric covered and upholstered seat: Nordica Plus is a triumph of Nordic style and contemporaneity. Solid and light, available in several colours to fit into any hall, room or office with class.

    Tulip Nordica Plus Dining Design Chair Fabric Seat Scandinavian Living Room
  3. Whale

    If linearity and harmony are guidelines of the Nordic style, the Whale is the chair that brings an innovative spirit to the design. Geometric stitching and padding decorate a modern, young furnishing accessory. But it is not only beautiful: the design also enhances the comfort of this chair.

    Nordic Design Chair In Wood And Fabric For Kitchen Bar Restaurant Whale
  4. Robin

    If ProduceShop stands out for anything, it’s keeping up with current trends, which is why, given the boom in patchwork fashion, we thought of Robin. A Scandinavian-style chair, comfortable, modern, light, cleverly influenced by the colourful and naive patchwork style. And it’s not the only one!

    Nordic Design Patchwork Chair In Wood And Fabric For Kitchen Bar Restaurant Robin
  5. Bush

    To show you that we have thought of everyone we present the Bush, the perfect Scandinavian chair for offices, waiting rooms and shops that want to furnish with style and design. With a wooden frame, we have a polypropylene seat with a fabric-covered and upholstered backrest, offering softness, comfort and elegance in just one chair.

    Scandinavian Design Armchair In Wood-Effect Metal For Bar And Kitchen Bush
  6. Herion

    In the same spirit of PatchworkWave, we present Herion: the combination of coloured pieces and Nordic wood design offers a nice, comfortable chair that recalls different styles and traditions but united by the love for design and comfort.

    Nordic Design Patchwork Armchair For Living Room Kitchen Studio Herion
  7. Salmon

    We offer a simple, linear design, covered in fabric and in several colors: Salmon, the Scandinavian design chair with a young, dynamic spirit. Perfect for a modern living room as well as a classy office.

    Nordic Design Chair Wood And Fabric For Kitchen Bar Restaurant Salmon
Scandinavian bonus!

We’re talking about Nordic chairs and Scandinavian design, right
So why not learn a few Swedish phrases?
Let’s see if you can guess what these few words mean. The prize is something priceless:
learning something new with ProduceBlog!

  • Hej, hur mår du?
  • Har du varit någon gång i Sverige?
  • Gissa vilket maträtt är det mest kända i världen!
  • Tycker du om nordisk design?
  • Välj ProduceShoppets skandinaviska stolar!
  • Tack för din tid och trevlig dag!

Now you know how a true Nordic speaks: all you have to do is order one (or more) of our Scandinavian Design Chairs to furnish your rooms with class, comfort and originality. And remember: not only Ikea has them!

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