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ProduceShop presents the Best Wheelchairs

Whether you need them for a temporary emergency or for long-term use, the important thing is to choose comfort over absolute economy.

Among the first items we choose to buy, we certainly don’t count the wheelchairs. Knowing which one to choose, however, is a good starting point.

Few people decide to inform themselves adequately before buying wheelchairs because they have borrowed them, or because they rely on the advice of a friend or doctor.

In reality, as this is a very specific product, it is best to be clear about what you want to buy. Whether it’s for short term use (e.g. a fracture with a few months to recover), or for an indefinite period of time (we like to think we can avoid the words “forever”), it’s always best to move according to precise parameters.

ProduceShop has therefore decided to offer you its ranking of the best wheelchair models in its catalogue with lots of details on technical characteristics, comfort and basic needs.
Let’s discover them together.

Sedia A Rotelle Carrozzina Pieghevole Ortopedica Similpelle Disabili E Anziani Violet

Some useful information

The ancient Greeks (according to paintings found on some vases), or the Chinese in the 6th century A.D. had already devised some system similar to wheelchairs.
But we have to wait until around 1800 for these to become an aid for people with disabilities, the elderly or people with temporary injuries.

The first self-propelled manual models (i.e. they can be pushed by the person sitting in them) were developed in the 1600s, but the real revolution came in the USA which first decided to provide this medical support to people with special needs (or well-paying tourists).

Today, there are more types of wheelchairs; manual and electric, with increasingly sophisticated motors and steering systems designed specifically for the occupant, who may have special needs related to their health condition. In addition, manual models, whether push or self-propelled, can be both classic and sporting so designed and engineered for performances and sporting competitions by disabled athletes. The important thing is always to choose it according to the needs and after an appropriate medical-technical consultation (which we do before choosing each model and supplier).

Sedia A Rotelle Carrozzina Anziani Disabili Pieghevole 500 Super Surace

A few buying tips

Although we refer you to the more comprehensive buying guide, there are a few tips we would like to remind you of before ranking. By already following these parameters you can get an idea of the model you need:

  • use: first of all you need to assess whether it is for temporary use (accident) or permanent/long-term use (difficulties encountered in old age, disability);
  • size and weight: regarding the width of the seat, consider the width of your pelvis and add 3-5 cm per side. The height of the seat should be between 45 and 55cm to be comfortable, weight between 10 and 14 kg and load capacity up to 120 kg;
  • comfort: related to both the seat size and the wheel radius (for self-propelled wheelchairs), and to the materials and padding of the seat and backrest;
  • opening and closing: it must be simple quick and intuitive so not to waste time getting in or out of the car;
  • safety: footrests, brakes, driving systems, side rails and backrests, everything must be compliant and certified.
    In addition to being chosen appropriately based on the specific needs of the user, in order to move not only with comfort but in total safety.

So let’s see the 10 best models of wheelchairs in the ProduceShop catalogue!

What are the best wheelchairs?

  1. Levis Surace

    Careful attention to detail, easy to handle and use, thanks to its large 60 cm diameter pneumatic rear wheels. The Levis, a 100% Made in Italy model, is perfect for anyone who needs a support to move around effortlessly in any space. Equipped with push handles for use by an assistant or companion and it is one of the top-of-the-range models in our catalogue.

    SLightweight Folding Wheelchair For Elderly Disabled People Levis Surace
  2. S14 Surace

    The S14’s frame combines the lightness of aluminium with the undisputed strength of steel and the resilience of double crossbars, making it a durable and easy-to-manoeuvre, 130 kg wheelchair. The ergonomic seat is upholstered in high-quality nylon and can be height-adjusted to suit every user’s needs.

    Wheelchair Elderly Disabled Wheelchair Self-propelled S14 Surace Leg Rest
  3. Peony Fisiomed

    The Peony folding wheelchair offers maximum comfort, with a large ergonomic seat upholstered in imitation leather with fixed and padded armrests, as well as being equipped with two adjustable footrests that allow maximum freedom of movement, both indoors and outdoors.

    Wheel Chair Folding Wheelchair With Leg Support For Disabled And Elderly Peony
  4. Eureka SC Surace

    Thanks to its light weight, sporty design and modular anodised aluminium frame, Eureka SC self-propelled folding wheelchair is perfect for people with disabilities or reduced mobility who have a very active daily life and want to move around independently in complete safety and freedom.

    Wheelchair Folding Wheelchair Elderly Disabled Self-propelled Eureka SC Surace
  5. Winner Surace

    The Winner is the wheelchair designed specifically for people with disabilities who have specific needs for movement: it is a wheelchair model that ensures maximum strength and responsiveness so a better performance for athletes during sports sessions. It is also ideal for those who want to move independently and effortlessly in their free time, ensuring great comfort and manageability.

    Wheelchair Sports Wheelchair Lightweight Self-propelled Disabled Winner Surace
  6. Itala Surace

    The design of this special folding wheelchair faithfully reproduces the colours of the Italian flag; the Itala stands out for its robustness, resistance, lightness and finishes with attention to every detail. Designed for daily use in environments where moving around without problems is an absolute must, the reinforced single-cruise structure and the large rear wheels with nylon handrails and the manual brakes are in perfect harmony with the comfortable padding and fresh and youthful design.

    Wheelchair Self-propelled wheelchair for elderly people with disabilities Lightweight Itala Surace
  7. Dasy Fisiomed

    Not only comfortable, lightweight, easy to open and close and easy to clean: the Dasy folding wheelchair is designed for maximum user protection with manual brakes and sturdy 20-inch wheels with sliding handrails for safe, independent movement. Goodbye annoying creaking, hello real comfort, even on wheels.

    Wheel Chair Folding Wheelchair Orthopedic In Fabric With Brakes For Disabled And Elderly Dasy
  8. 600 Surace

    What makes the Surace 600 model stand out is the anatomical headrest which, together with the tilting and multi-position adjustable backrest, provides the user with better support during daily movements, even when out and about. In addition to the comfortable seat, we have comfortable legrests that can be adjusted to choose the most suitable position for your needs, or removed if necessary.

    Wheelchair for the Elderly with Disabled Backrest Legrest 600 Surace
  9. Squillina Surace

    With its classic and essential design, the Squillina is the model wheelchair, perfect for taking out for a walk, to reach places of social interest or for medical examinations, elderly people and people with disabilities, not self-sufficient at a motor level, who would otherwise be forced to stay at home. Very easy to open and close thanks to the innovative folding system, when not in use the Squillina can be folded compactly and stored in every corner of the house, in the boot of the car or carried easily by hand.

    Folding Wheelchair for Elderly People with Disabilities Squillina Surace
  10. Lily Fisiomed

    A simple, basic model, designed both for assisting people with limited mobility and for those who, being self-sufficient, want to move around the house and the city without too many obstacles and hindrances. The Lily by Fisiomed is one of the most requested wheelchairs, for its excellent galvanised steel frame, for its comfortable seat, for its large wheels with handrail; but above all, for the incredible quality/price ratio that characterises it.

    Wheel Chair Folding Orthopedic Wheelchair Fabric For Disabled And Elderly Lily

For any of your needs, ProduceShop is always ready to help you; choose one of our Wheelchairs to be safe and secure in all your specific requirements.

Compact folding wheelchair for elderly disabled people Panda Surace
Folding wheelchair for elderly disabled people Squillina Surace
Lightweight leg rest wheelchair for elderly disabled people 200 XL Surace
Lightweight leg rest wheelchair for the disabled 200 Large Surace
Light wheelchair for elderly people with disabilities for leg-rest transit 200 Surace
Lightweight folding self-propelled wheelchair for elderly disabled people Squillo Surace
Transit wheelchair for the elderly with disabilities, leg rest and backrest 600 B Surace
Self-propelled wheelchair for disabled elderly people with leg rest backrest 600 Surace