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Parasols for the end of summer: best offers from ProduceShop

Even though it’s the end of the season, the sun doesn’t let up. Better be prepared then!

For lovers of September and late August holidays, ProduceShop has selected the best beach parasols; models for every climate and occasion, to end the summer in style.

Choosing the right time of year for your holidays is quite a challenge; while the hustle and bustle of June and the heat of July attract many, there are equally as many who prefer more “relaxed” moments. August, however, is exactly the opposite, and prices before mid-month become prohibitive; traveling in this period is more a necessity linked to work needs. But for those who have the choice, late August and September are definitely the best times; semi-deserted beaches, village festivals, palpable calm and perfect weather.
Is it a period without sunshine though? Not at all! That’s why it’s better to have good beach parasols for the end of the season holidays too; coming back to the office or school with a sunburn is certainly not the best way to end your holiday!

SARDINIA 200cm Vented Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ uv Protection

A quick guide: what to consider?

Like any smart purchase, it’s best to consider a few factors before buying your holiday parasols. There are many different characteristics to consider, and in this article we want to list the main ones for you, followed by our personal ranking of the 10 best beach parasol models, selected from the ProduceShop catalogue.

So remember to check out:

  • Materials: aluminium and steel for the pole, cotton and synthetic fabric for the cover; the choice is purely personal. Some models have steel or fiberglass reinforced bars, as well as plastic joints.
  • UV protection: depending on the material of the canopy and the diameter, make sure they are certified (type UPF 158) against ultraviolet rays (uvA and uvB).
  • Mounting: if you choose parasols such as those from the Girafacile® brand, with their helical screw tip and patented tube and crank handle, mounting your umbrella will be quick and easy and will ensure maximum stability. At least you can think about relaxing on the beach in your sunbed and nothing else!
  • Windproof: certain models have a windproof vent, which is especially useful at the end of the season and in specific areas.
  • Extras: we’re talking about tents that can be mounted on the parasol for more privacy, or assembled and folding models for easier transport, as well as bags and straps for carrying.

What are the Best Beach Parasols for the End of Summer?

  1. Ermes

    From the Girafacile brand we have Ermes, a large parasol (200 cm diameter), UPF 158 certified against UV rays. Easy to install, maximum protection for maximum practicality. A real beach jewel!

    Ermes GiraFacile® Patented Vented Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ Uv Protection
  2. Corsica

    With its fibreglass-reinforced ribs and windproof vent, Corsica is perfect for days at the beach in the season of unpredictable weather. If you want to spend a nice afternoon on he beach without risking chasing the parasol, this is definitely the item for you!

    Corsica 200 Cm Anti-Wind Aluminium Beach Umbrella With Anti-Uv Coating
  3. Tropicana

    Covered in patented duplex fabric, to guarantee resistance and protection even on the hottest days; Tropicana, with its striped interior and plain-coloured exterior, can be chosen in a variety of colours.

    Tropicana 200cm Cotton Beach Umbrella
  4. Roma

    Among the best-selling products in the ProduceShop catalogue, the Roma parasol is the most complete and perfect model. 220 cm in diameter for total protection, also thanks to anti-UV certifications, windproof vent, adjustable and lightweight. One of the best choices for a great end of the season!

    Roma 220cm Aluminium Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ Uv Protection
  5. Piums

    Do you need some privacy? Do you want a little shelter from the sun for your afternoon nap? Then Piums is the ideal solution for you! With the retractable shade, with Velcro fastening, it transforms from a lightweight umbrella into a solid beach tent.

    Piuma 160cm Portable All-Weather Beach Umbrella And Sun Shelter
  6. Quattro Mori

    How could we not pay tribute to one of the most popular summer destinations ever (and we assure you that in September it is magical)? With the iconic Quattro Mori flag, the Sardegna parasol is the ideal companion for your holiday on the beautiful Island. It features windproof and UV protection system, will make you stand out on the beach thanks to its robustness and design.

    Quattro Mori 200cm Beach Umbrella With Wind Vent
  7. Bagnino Light

    For those who like quiet, elegant and very sober situations, Bagnino Light is the perfect parasol. Minimalist and simple, with a windproof system and 220 cm cotton cover. Large, strong, but a true beach gentleman.

    Cotton Windproof Beach And Sea Umbrella 220cm Bagnino Light
  8. Taormina

    The iconic striped design is undoubtedly reminiscent of beach facilities, vintage coastlines and the good life of summer; Taormina, of which you can choose your colours and alternation, is the solid wind and UV protection umbrella created for lovers of colourful, bold and timeless designs.

    Taormina 200cm Beach & Patio Umbrella With Tilt Mechanism
  9. Dioniso

    The Girafacile range not only offers solid and easy-to-assemble parasols, but also allows you to choose the colour you like. With the Dioniso model, you get a lightweight and functional item at a great price, thanks to the ProduceShop offers.

    Dioniso GiraFacile® 180cm Patented Cotton Beach Umbrella
  10. Portofino

    Portofino is not only a large and elegant parasol; with UV protection and windproof system, it’s also the ideal item to end the season with a relaxing and well-organised holiday.

    Portofino XL Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ Uv Protection

Summer may be coming to an end, but ProduceShop offers sure aren’t! Take a look through our catalogue and choose the best beach parasol from a variety of models!

220cm Aluminium Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ uv Protection Roma Fluo
Cotton windproof beach and sea umbrella 220cm Bagnino Light
PRomeTHEUS GiraFacile® 180cm Beach Umbrella with uv Protection
Corsica 180cm Aluminium Beach Umbrella With Anti-uv Coating
Portable Beach Parasol and Camping Umbrella uv Resistant Windproof 200cm FEATHER
Roma 240cm Aluminium Beach Umbrella With UPF 158+ uv Protection
Pocket 180cm Portable Beach Umbrella
Quattro Mori 200cm Beach Umbrella With Wind Vent