7 Industrial Loft Design Ideas

A valid alternative to the studio flat, the loft maintains an undisputed retro and somewhat naive charm. Let’s find out how to make it more alive and interesting. Large spaces, bare walls, wood, metal and concrete: here are our 7 proposals for an Industrial Loft… Read More »7 Industrial Loft Design Ideas

Best Office Desks

A key element for every studio: a small world on which you can manage your own chaos. PC Desks have become a must for every work and study environment; whether you are fond of gaming, writing or simple entertainment, having an adequate workstation is already… Read More »Best Office Desks

Best Sofas for 100 Euro

For a long time, high quality was the privilege of the few, but that has now changed; offering quality products at affordable prices is no longer a mirage. ProduceShop tells you how. But we’re not talking about discount complements; sofas for 100 euros or so,… Read More »Best Sofas for 100 Euro