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Metaldesk: the Design Desk for lovers of modern offices

Furnishing an office requires a certain amount of good taste, but without forgetting functionality. Let’s take a look at one of ProduceShop’s
top selling products of 2021.

When the direction we have taken is that of design, completing the office with a desk like the Metaldesk can only be the best solution. Let’s discover this interesting piece of furniture.

Choosing a desk for your office can sometimes be a problem: too big? Too short? Classic or modern? Industrial or design?
Well, if you look at the trends for 2021, there’s no doubt about it. This year, design desks have been a hit, and a model like the Metaldesk (for the curious, code SR4816K56205 in our catalogue!) has taken its place as the top model.

When it comes to selecting only what the customer wants, ProduceShop is unrivalled.
So let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this modern and elegant desk model!

Office Desk Metaldesk Office24 – SR4816K56205

The structure

Simplicity is often the most effective way to the useful.
Basically, when we are looking for a studio flat desk we want a surface where we can work and study comfortably; this implies that the surface or worktop is large enough to allow us to place at least computers, instruments and books on it. Many people look for desks with drawers, slots, compartments, etc., when very often a more basic model could be the most interesting solution (not to mention that it would give us more possibilities to furnish the rest of the office).

The Metaldesk, for example, is the classic minimalist design of a desk which, in its essentiality, already has everything you need: a large, solid work surface, side legs so as not to get in the way when you sit down, a modesty panel (i.e. the front panel) which makes the structure more elegant, robust and also personal.

Office Desk Metaldesk Office24 – SR4816K56205


The quality of the materials plays a fundamental role in the choice of your desk; the durability and resistance to wear of the product, as well as its appearance over time, depend largely on the material in which the desk is made.

If we look at the Metaldesk, we can see some interesting details: a wooden top and modesty panel are attached to the polished metal leg structure. This is not just any wood or cheap chipboard; in line with its green vision, ProduceShop has selected suppliers such as Office24 for this model, which uses FSC-certified wood for its products. An ecological choice that offers you a quality product that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Finally, the melamine coating guarantees high resistance to shocks, scratches, wear and tear and chemical or physical agents; nothing could be more useful, considering that you’ll be using it a lot!

Office Desk Metaldesk Office24 – SR4816K56205

The design

The most classic designs are the hardest to beat; if we are talking about a 100% Made in Italy design, the added value of the product increases dramatically.

Metaldesk is in fact the result of design studies by a brand like Office24, which for years has been guaranteeing office, studio and smart working solutions in line with the most fashionable visual demands.

The simple line of the legs, which draw a perfect square, picks up on the fashion for industrial tables in recent years; the top and front, available in cement or white finish, slender the line with their neutral colouring, making it an element of effect for any kind of environment, capable of blending with any decor.

In short, it is a refined yet young, versatile and multifaceted element, capable of combining operational functionality and interesting lines.

Office Desk Metaldesk Office24 – SR4816K56205

The price

Do you know what is the strong point of this study desk? The price.
As always in line with its philosophy, ProduceShop has managed to offer this item at the best possible price on the market; the direct supply chain and a skillful strategy have therefore given our customers a design desk, for large offices, at the price of a popular desk.

So why not take advantage of it?

Still not convinced? Let’s play a game: you order one of our Metaldesk designer office desks. If it doesn’t correspond to everything we’ve told you, we’re ready to talk again together and consider another alternative. The secret? We are sure to win.

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