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Made in Italy mattresses: Best models and features

Sleeping well is not just a necessity, but it is a duty;
to do this, you absolutely need the perfect

Let’s see together with ProduceShop then what are the best mattresses Made in Italy, many types, many features, but one goal: peaceful sleep.

Getting into bed is one of the most eagerly awaited gestures of the day; lying down and letting all the stress and anxiety of work and commitments slip away is always a wonderful feeling. But does the bed make a difference? Undoubtedly! That’s why choosing only the best Made in Italy mattresses for your beds becomes a mission: for you to sleep better, for us to keep up our honour as the best retailers.

While many other marketplaces simply place their mattresses online without a care for the rest, ProduceShop has chosen to stand out; we’ve selected only the best products. Our little guide will give you all the basic information you need to make your choice without too much doubt.

Made in Italy Mattresses – Veradea

How do we choose them?

Obviously there are specific characteristics to look for in a good mattress; choosing only on the basis of the convenient price can be a serious mistake. Let’s talk about the element that will support our neck and back every night: a high level of comfort and ergonomics is the essential minimum.

Before we start evaluating the various characteristics of the mattresses themselves, let’s think about these four of ours:

  • weight, as this will affect the mattress itself
  • position in which we usually sleep
  • temperature, both that of the room and that at which we prefer to sleep
  • postural needs, such as special support for the cervical or lumbar region.

Next, we need to take into consideration the characteristics of the mattress on which to base our choice; these are linked both to our needs and to the environment in which we will be placing the mattress. The most important are:

  • dimensions, expressed both in cm (or inches) and in sizes (one, one and a half, two)
  • covering, making sure it is removable and washable
  • mite-proof, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, to guarantee only the utmost safety
  • certifications, not only on the Made in Italy origin, but that they meet all quality and safety standards.
Made in Italy Mattresses – Time2Dream

Types of mattresses

The different types of mattresses differ, essentially, on the basis of the padding; not only for the materials that compose it, but also for the layout and the way in which this will meet the needs of the buyers.

For example, we can distinguish between mattresses with springs (free or pocketed, i.e. inserted in small fabric bags); with memory foam, a foam which, depending on our temperature and body shape, moulds itself to us. Memory and aloe vera is a variation of the previous one, which brings the benefits of the aloe cover; waterfoam, another variable-density foam, less expensive than memory and with special characteristics.

The ideal would be to have the opportunity to try every single type (not necessarily all night, even just one seat), in order to orient towards the construction material that best suits our needs and our personal taste.

Some of the best mattresses made in Italy

  1. Single Mattress Memory Foam 7 Zones Sfoderabile 25cm 80x190cm Veradea

    Completely removable cover to be washed and cleaned, this single memory foam mattress is divided into 7 zones of different density, to ensure a comfortable and regenerating rest.

    Single Mattress Memory Foam 7 Zones Removable Cover 25cm 80x190cm Veradea
  2. Double Mattress Memory Foam 7 Zones Removable 25cm 160x190cm Veradea

    Whether you choose to be more comfortable, whether you choose to share the sleep, even the double mattress must be synonymous with comfort. Always divided into variable density zones, always with removable covers for easy cleaning and washing. Made in Italy excellence at the service of good rest.

    Double Mattress Memory Foam 7 Zones Removable Cover 25cm 160x190cm Veradea
  3. Memory Gel 25 Cm 80x190cm Single Spring Mattress Veradea

    A 4cm top layer of temperature regulating memory gel makes this pocket sprung mattress a true luxury among all. Clean, comfortable and hardwearing, its 25cm height makes it the perfect element for nights of rest and relaxation.

    Single Mattress Pocket Springs Memory Gel 25 Cm 80x190cm Veradea
  4. Double Spring mattress Memory Gel 25 Cm 160x190cm Veradea

    This double mattress is not only a beautiful and comfortable pocket sprung mattress made in Italy, but also a class 1 EC medical device: a guarantee of comfort and relaxation. Here too, above the more than 700 springs we find 4cm of temperature-regulating memory gel, to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body.

    Double Mattress Pocket Springs Memory Gel 25 Cm 160x190cm Veradea
  5. Single Mattress In Memory And Aloe Vera 30 Cm 90×190 High

    30 cm of comfort, the peculiarity of the High mattress is the removable cover in aloe vera: hypoallergenic, anti-mite and breathable, for a level of comfort that goes beyond the simple mattress. A quality product that meets all required standards, with the excellence of Made in Italy.

    MSingle Memory Foam Mattress 30cm 90×190 With Aloe Vera Cover High
  6. Single Memory Mattress Multionda 25 Cm 90×200 Superior

    Three different layers of comfort to ensure a memory structure for maximum comfor; Superior is the ergonomic mattress par excellence. 100% Made in Italy, breathable and removable, it will be the best choice for all your postural needs. Also available in one and a half and double size.

    Single Memory 90×200 Mattress With 25 Cm Of Multi Wave Memory Foam Superior
  7. Pair of Pillows Memory Foam Cervical Breathable Pillows Veradea Unico Bis

    Can you get a good night’s sleep without a good pair of pillows? Match your mattresses with the Unico Bis pair, in memory foam for all types of neck pain and the most relaxing sleep.

    Couple of pillows Memory Foam Cervical Breathable Veradea Unico Bis

Are you ready to start sleeping really comfortably? Take a look at our catalogue now, choose the best mattresses made in Italy and start enjoying peaceful sleep and dreams. And always think of ProduceShop!

Pair of pillows pillows memory foam cervical breathable Veradea Unico Bis
Single pillow pillow memory foam breathable cervical Veradea Unico
Double mattress pocket springs memory gel 25 cm 160x190cm Veradea
Large square mattress pocket springs memory gel 25 cm 120x190cm Veradea
Single mattress pocket springs memory gel 25 cm 80x190cm Veradea
Double mattress memory foam 7 zones removable cover 25cm 160x190cm Veradea
Large square mattress memory foam 7 zones removable cover 25cm 120x190cm Veradea
Single mattress memory foam 7 zones removable cover 25cm 80x190cm Veradea