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Horeca parasols: How to choose Garden, Outdoor and Bar Parasols

Making customers happy is the first objective of every manager; let’s find out how to choose an essential element for the outdoors.

Horeca parasols are an essential part of any self-respecting dehors. They are also perfect for use as garden umbrellas at home, so let’s find out how to choose them together.

When furnishing the exteriors of a venue, special attention must also (and above all) be paid to the comfort of customers. If we are setting up for the summer season, bear in mind that the afternoon sun can be very strong; if we are talking about autumn and winter, watch out for rain and snow. Fortunately, the sector offers plenty of choices in the Horeca parasols segment; solutions designed for hotels, restaurants and bars, perfect for meeting the needs of managers and customers.

But it doesn’t stop there; garden umbrellas are also ideal (and designed) for those who want to enjoy a bit of shade and coolness outside their homes. This means that a contract solution can be easily adapted to the home (outside, however). But how to choose them safely and appropriately?

Fortunately we have ProduceShop‘s practical and complete buying guide; just a few tips, but very precise, so as not to fall into the various traps that the web often presents. What are we waiting for then, let’s start reading!

Garden Umbrella 2.5 Metres Square Aluminium Arm Bar Hotel Paradise

Where to put them?

When you’re dealing with a large and potentially bulky item, organisation is everything. That’s why it’s always better to start with a precise idea in mind; in this way, you won’t risk placing the Horeca parasols too far away from customers (and thus invalidating their function), nor will they get in the way of the service or the evening.

First of all, you need to decide what kind of base they will be mounted on; the larger the surface area of this base, the larger the free space to accommodate it.. Also, the size of the canvas must be correctly assessed so that it does not get in the way of diners or customers once it is open; do not worry about the opening, as it is normally good practice to have outdoor umbrellas already open.

Furthermore, a distinction (which we will see later in detail) must be made between Horeca parasols with a central pole and Horeca umbrellas with a side arm; if the former are more suitable in the absence of tables, or alternatively with a specially perforated table, the latter are ideal in the presence of tables, chairs or sofas, given the unobtrusiveness of the pole, which remains outside the protective canvas.

Garden Umbrella 3×2 Aluminium Rectangular Central Pole Bar Hotel Eden

Good maintenance of Horeca parasols

Clearly, when you choose to decorate your outdoor area, whether you’re talking about Horeca or your home garden, the care and maintenance of your parasol should not be ignored.

Always make sure that the pole or arm is in excellent condition, spotless and possibly shiny or well cleaned; check regularly for scratches, stickers or other little jokes (being outside, unfortunately, they are subject to that too). In the event of damage, be it weather-related or man-made, make sure you fix them as soon as possible to bring them back to their original glory.

As for the garden umbrella cover, it should always be clean and undamaged; if it tears, make sure you can repair it as soon as possible or, if necessary, change it. To clean it or possibly fix it, pull it off the parasol (if you need help, ProduceShop explains how to change the cover in its blog); many covers are easily washable, either by hand or in the washing machine depending on the material.

How to choose a garden umbrella for Horeca and Home?

  1. Structure

    This is the term we use to describe the type of garden umbrella or, in short, the position of the pole in relation to the canvas. Essentially we divide them into two groups: umbrellas with a central pole and umbrellas with a side arm (or off-centre pole).

    The former are similar to classic beach umbrellas (or rain umbrellas – but very large); a central pole resting on a base supports the dome (or canvas), providing shade all around. They are normally suitable for perforated tables when needed, or for areas where they do not disturb conversation.

    Side-arm parasols, which are more elegant and functional, consist of an arch or pole with an arm, which holds the canvas up, making it “hang” over the area to be shaded. The main advantage of these models, apart from the fact that they create more shade, is that they do not create clutter, as the base and body are outside any useful area. In addition, some models have a movable arm, which allows the arm to be moved depending on where shade is needed at the time.

  2. Materials

    The materials of the Horeca umbrella differ according to the part of the umbrella that is being analysed; each part, in fact, can have a different composition, thus creating many combinations and infinite alternatives.

    Speaking of each of the three components, and citing the most commonly used materials, we have:

    • canvas: normally in polyester, acrylic or cotton. Choose according to the weather and the possibility of washing and caring for it, as those in natural fabric require more maintenance;
    • pole/arm: the two most commonly used materials are undoubtedly wood and aluminium. While the former is certainly more aesthetically pleasing, it requires more careful maintenance, as well as being more expensive and prone to damage. Aluminium, which is strong and light, is now one of the most popular alternatives, especially thanks to its interesting coatings and various treatments that increase its resistance;
    • base: normally sold separately, as it will have to be chosen according to the owner’s taste and the environment, it can be made of different materials. Among the most common are wood, cast iron, plastic (to be filled with water or sand), resin or cement. Its main function is to act as a weight and counterweight for the whole system, so as to guarantee the solidity and stability of the parasol.

    Anti-UV Aluminium Arm Garden Parasol A Decentralised pole 3.5×3.5m Copenhagen Brown
  3. Dimensions

    There are several measurements to consider. First of all, the diameter or the side of the canvas, depending on its shape, which will then roughly correspond to the area of shade you will be able to enjoy. Next, consider the height of the pole and, in the case of a side-arm model, the size of the side-arm; make sure it is high enough not to be uncomfortable for those sitting underneath, but not too high to affect its function.

  4. Colours and design

    Obviously, they are available in different designs to suit the environment in which they are to be installed. These affect both the shape of the dome and the number, as well as the shape of the pole and the colours and finishes.

    They are normally found with a square or round (actually octagonal) canvas; some models also have two horizontal arms to support two different domes. These models are designed to cover up to four positions at the same time, and are ideal for venues with large terraces or very large private gardens. As far as colours are concerned, the canvas is normally white, or in light shades, although it is not uncommon to find them in black or other colours, which should always be chosen with the environment in mind. There is more freedom in choosing the colour of the pole, which can be silver, black, white or wood-coloured, either glossy or satin-finished, according to personal taste.

    Garden Sunshade 3×3 Aluminium Square Central Pole Bar Hotel Marte
  5. Opening

    The opening of the Horeca umbrella must be carefully studied to ensure that you have the most functional and quickest solution. If, among those with a central pole, the opening is normally upwards, side-arm models normally have a pulley crank for rapid opening, which is much more convenient and functional. Also check for safety locks and cables.

  6. Extra

    Some models can have interesting additional features, designed and implemented to make the user experience more interesting and to provide your customers with an extra service. Models with LED backlighting, for example, provide bright, energy-efficient light even in the evening, creating an interesting and welcoming atmosphere. Another not-at-all-obvious plus is the solar-powered USB charger, which provides useful support in an environmentally friendly way.

    Aluminium Garden Umbrella Decentralised Pole For Home and Premises 3x3m Paradise Noir

Now is the right time to renew your outdoor area. Why not choose the ideal model from our Horeca Garden Umbrellas?

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