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Garden Greenhouses: ProduceBlog’s buying guide

Gardening is nowadays one of the best ways to relax; let’s see how to make it even more interesting.

Whether it’s cultivating a small vegetable garden, or devoting yourself to the most beautiful and colourful flowers, the season doesn’t always help; that’s why choosing one of our Garden Greenhouses could be the ultimate upgrade for your hobby!

To every flower, its season!
This little mantra teaches us something important: It is not always up to us which flowers grow in our garden. If, for example, we have decided to cultivate our own small vegetable garden or dedicate ourselves to flower gardening, we may soon find that time is a tyrant; adverse weather conditions may come against us. Don’t get frustrated! Just choose one of the garden greenhouses from the ProduceShop catalogue, read our guide, and you’ll be ready to grow even the most difficult plants in your backyard in no time at all!

Garden greenhouse Aluminium Polycarbonate Window 183x305x205cm Pavonia

Why should you have a garden greenhouse?

As we have already mentioned (and as gardening lovers know), not all plants, whether vegetables, fruit or flowers, can always grow under the same climatic conditions. Thinking of tropical fruit, or some exotic flowers, it goes without saying that the climate at home may not be the right one. But that’s not all; the choice of garden greenhouses is also linked to domestic crops; choosing to grow in a protected environment brings many advantages. To name just a few:

  • normalizes the climate and allows the plants to grow stronger
  • intensifies and increases growth and yield
  • rationalizes the use of fertilizers and other products
  • reduces and rationalizes water consumption
  • allows seasonal crops to be grown earlier, adapting the climate to the plants
  • extends cultivation time throughout the year, but without the use of chemicals
  • provides increased protection from adverse weather, animals and pests
Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse Door Window Gardening 183x245x205cm Laelia

In order to take advantage of all these benefits, however, you need to be able to choose the right product for you. Here then are the characteristics to consider when choosing the best garden greenhouses!

How to choose the best garden greenhouses?

  1. Fixed or mobile installation

    The type of greenhouse installation depends above all on the use we intend to make of it. If for some types of particular crops it is better to opt for a fixed installation greenhouse, bear in mind that this, in addition to the higher cost, requires adequate maintenance. If you opt for a mobile greenhouse, on the other hand, you will not have the convenience of being able to set it up wherever you like, but also to move it later according to vostre esigenze. your needs. Not to mention the savings in initial cost and maintenance.

  2. Materials

    The choice of the right Materials has a significant impact on the performance of your greenhouse. If you only aim at saving money and don’t pay attention to the materials you choose, you risk compromising every type of crop you grow. Depending on the greenhouse material, the level of thermal and light insulation, the maintenance of the right level of humidity, the durability and resistance of the structure will change.

    The two most commonly used materials for roofs are glass and plastic (polycarbonate). While the first one has a high insulating capacity, the very high cost, fragility and maintenance discourage its choice. As for polycarbonate, we have in this case a light material, resistant, with a high insulating capacity and which allows the right amount of light to pass through it.

    As for the structure, although wood and brick have a retro and solid charm, purchase costs and maintenance make them inadvisable. A light but strong anodized aluminium, is not only the most economical choice but also the best compromise between quality and performance.

    Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse Door Window Gardening 183x245x205cm Laelia
  3. Measurements

    When it comes to choosing the right size, there are two things to consider: where to put the greenhouse and what you will grow in it. Consider not only the perimeter and the area that the greenhouse itself will occupy, but also a metre of space around it for working, storing and setting up tools and letting in light. When assessing the internal dimensions, take into account not only the (hoped-for) size of the cultivated plants, but also any shelves or corners for tools.

  4. Extras

    Some garden greenhouses have extras elements and additional features; these can be, for example gutters with a rationalised water drainage system. This channels rainwater for watering plants, limiting water wastage and making a sustainable decision.

    A further plus point is an upper window with vasistas, to ensure adequate ventilation and thus promote proper aeration of the plants.

  5. Budget

    Always think about your budget. As this is a hobby for many, spending a lot on an expensive and unnecessary greenhouse in terms of materials, performance and size can be a considerable waste. Once again, ProduceShop has selected only the best garden greenhouse models, to narrow the field down to a few models that are perfect for all needs and offered at a very attractive price.

    Aluminium Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse Window Door 183x185x205cm Vanilla
Floral Bonus!

Passionate about aggressive gardening? That’s great!

We asked Valentina M., gardening teacher and our consultant on all that concerns the green, to tell us about the most difficult plants to grow. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the real green-thumbed warriors who manage to fill one of our garden greenhouses!

“It’s really hard to imagine all the types of plants and flowers you can grow in your garden! Having the right equipment and a good greenhouse like Soana’s Pavonia, the possibilities increase considerably. One of the most difficult plants to take care of is the Dionaea Muscipula, the so-called flycatcher! It requires a microclimate to be reproduced very well, and must also be cared for properly about nutrition (insects, of course). Another tough one is the Laelia, which gives its name to one of ProduceShop’s greenhouses; an orchid whose roots require plenty of space, which can adapt to poor soil but requires a lot of attention concerning temperature fluctuations. Finally, the Bessera, also known as the Coral Drop: very well-known and widespread, if it is cared for properly, adapting it to climates that are not its own (it normally grows in Central America), it produces magnificent red-orange flowers.”

Arm yourself with your green thumb, choose one of the best Garden Greenhouses from the ProduceShop catalogue and start growing flowers, plants, vegetables and herbs of all kinds!

Greenhouse for gardening in aluminum and polycarbonate with door and window 183x305x205cm Pavonia
Garden greenhouse in aluminum and polycarbonate with door and window 183x245x205cm Laelia
Garden greenhouse in aluminum and polycarbonate with door and window 183x185x205cm Vanilla