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Electric Fireplace: Buyer’s guide to choosing the right one

The warm and cosy atmosphere of a nice fire in the living room is incomparable, isn’t it? Wrong! There is a safe, ecological and technological alternative that is hard to ignore.

An electric fireplace is in fact a worthy substitute for the real thing, so let’s see how to choose it carefully together with ProduceShop.

Whether it’s to heat a room or just to give the impression of a nice crackling fire, it doesn’t matter; the electric fireplace, while once an exclusive luxury, has now become a furnishing element for everyone. Choosing it with care means opting for a specific design solution; so let’s see how to adapt it to the rest of the interior decor.

ProduceShop therefore offers you its practical buying guide; all the most important features to focus on when making your choice. The next step is to take a tour of our catalogue and choose from our electric fireplaces the one that best reflects your idea of a cozy living room!

Modern Electric Fireplace Powerflame 1500W With Larsen Frame By Tagu

What they are and how they work

Basically, an electric fireplace is a reproduction of a classic fireplace, but it does not require a connection to a chimney, as it works electrically; this means that there is no combustion or brazier, no special cleaning or maintenance, and the effect of the flame and embers is carried out by LED lights or a screen. In addition, the lack of a fire means that the ventilation of the room is not detailed; this makes it a perfect decorative element for all types of rooms, from the living room to the bedroom to the study.

This does not mean that it is the absolute and necessary alternative to the classic fireplace.
Often, however, housing requirements do not allow for the installation of a real fireplace or chimney; think of condominiums, very old houses, terraced houses or city flats. In this case, the electric fireplace allows you to enjoy the same pleasure of the view as the fireplace, without incurring the costs and building difficulties of the wood-burning alternative.

Some also have a dual function: just aesthetic, or also heating; in this example design and functionality are combined, creating an interesting and practical product, as well as beautiful.

Modern Electric Fireplace Powerflame 1500W With Tori Stone Frame By Tagu

Where and how to install it

If the fear of soot on the white sheets was the brake to the installation of a fireplace in the bedroom, you can be sure; the total absence of chimney, combustion, and therefore of debris, guarantees in the electric fireplace an ideal support for all domestic environments (but not only). Since you don’t have to think about deep and extraordinary cleaning, you can place it literally anywhere you like, without limits.

Installation depends partly on the model. While some need to be built into walls (which may require a little masonry work), most simply need to be ‘supported’. Whether they are freestanding, or built into a frame, to be placed against the wall or kept in the middle of the room makes no difference; however, make sure it is close to a power outlet, and that any heat diffusion is facilitated.

How to choose the best electric fireplace?

  1. Type

    In addition to the mere question of design, linked to your taste and the environment, you need to consider what type of fireplace you need; this should also be chosen according to the possibilities in terms of space. We can divide them into two macro-categories: wall-mounted, which includes all the elements that can be recessed in a niche, as well as simply hung, and floor-standing; the latter can have a frame that recalls classic models, and be placed against the wall, or they can be independent elements, to be positioned in the centre of the room.

    Recessed Electric Fireplace For Modern Living Room LED 1500W Powerflame By Tagu
  2. Dimensions

    In this case, the choice is a little wider; if we opt for a built-in model, we must be sure of how much we are going to “dig” into the wall, both for aesthetic and safety reasons. The elements to be hung or placed on the wall, on the other hand, must at least conform to the total surface area. So consider height and width (and in some cases also depth). Also keep an eye on the weight, especially if you have to hang it up (or take it to the sixth floor without a lift).

  3. Consumption

    Consider the power of the fireplace to evaluate consumption; a good wattage, between 1000 and 2000 watts, means high power (better if adjustable), and therefore more speed in heating a room (up to 40sqm). Calculate how much you will use it, so that you do not choose a model that is more powerful than your needs.

    Modern Electric Fireplace Powerflame 1500W With Hagen Wooden Frame By Tagu
  4. Flame effect

    This is the key feature of an electric fireplace; the effect consists of a series of LED light effects, positioned at the bottom, back and sides. These move precisely to imitate a real flame, which, together with fake embers and logs, gives the impression of a real fireplace. Some models also feature a water mist to give the impression of smoke

  5. Functionality

    These are all the functions, whether primary or not, that determine the quality (and also the cost) of a specific fireplace. These include:

    • Remote control
      , This allows you to choose light programmes, temperature, ignition and settings, all from the comfort of your armchair or sofa (or bed).
    • Timer
      : By setting the on/off time of the electric fireplace you can be sure to have the right light and temperature just when you need it most.
    • Anti-tipping system
      : If the fireplace should fall or tip over (so perfect for both types) this system will ensure that it shuts down immediately, to prevent damage or dangerous short circuits.
    • Auto-off
      , which can be programmed by timer or set according to the temperature reached in the room, to avoid waste.
    • Brightness control
      : to control the brightness of the flame, but also of the settings menu if any.
    Modern Electric Fireplace Powerflame 1500W With Magna Wooden Frame By Tagu

Feeling cold? No problem! Once you’ve finished reading our guide, click below to be catapulted into the ProduceShop catalogue. All that’s left to do is choose an electric fireplace from the models on offer, and you can start decorating any room with class!

Modern electric fireplace Powerflame 1500W with Magna wooden frame by Tagu