Home Design furniture: selected models from ProduceShop

Design furniture: selected models from ProduceShop

Furnishing means not only filling your home with the accessories you need, but also decorating. So let’s discover the most exclusive pieces of the moment.

Everyone would like a palace of wonders (or almost everyone), so why not go ahead and choose at least some beautiful designer furniture? Let’s take a look at some models chosen by ProduceShop for their elegance, functionality and attractive prices.

In the huge world of furniture, finding the right compromise between aesthetic beauty and functionality is certainly not easy. On the one hand, we certainly can’t give up the usefulness of a specific piece of furniture, and why we choose it; on the other hand, we would hardly want to furnish our home like a small, soulless military bunker. So what is the magic compromise in such a diatribe? Well, it goes without saying: design furniture for all tastes and budgets.

Until recently, choosing design furniture meant spending time (and biiiiiiig bucks) in trendy showrooms, but today the situation is, fortunately, different. The arrival of online retailers such as ProduceShop, which offer a complete and varied catalogue (in terms of range and offers), with the convenience of home delivery, has fortunately revolutionised this world too. What do you say, shall we see some nice models?

Set Of 6 Plant Pots Planter Modern Design Home Garden Terrace Fiore

But first, a little guide to the choice

The substantial difference between choosing a piece of design furniture and ordinary furniture lies in the purpose; while the latter are only useful, the former have a decidedly higher (if not binding) aesthetic importance.
Normally, there are three guidelines to follow:

  • environments
  • style
  • budget

Let us try to see more specifically what to consider in each of these areas.

Environments: a larger project

When working on a design to encompass an entire room (or more rooms), it is ideal to have a coherent plan in mind. This should include a careful analysis of the different rooms, at different times of the day, with different lighting conditions. In addition, as well as the measurements relating to the spaces in which the furniture will be placed, we need to think about comfort of movement; a piece of furniture also has doors, a table has chairs, a sofa has poufs or footstools.

Relying on an interior designer could be an advantageous solution; an expert who considers
the total vision, evaluating all the connected spaces, will make the project more logical and

Style: functional areas

If style seems to be something related only to aesthetics, well, that’s not really the case; in fact, when we talk about design furniture, style is also related to the functionality of the piece of furniture in question.

Therefore, make sure you have a coherent project in mind, as we were saying before, but especially related to functional areas; this means coordinating several pieces of furniture to design an environment that, taken as a whole, works in symbiosis with itself, without having to submit to compromises of any kind, whether they are aesthetic or not.

Modern Design Bench Indoor And Outdoor Slide Amore
Budget: think of the need

It is natural that, as they are often created by real artists, design furniture has a higher cost. However, this certainly does not mean that they are still exclusive to an elite market; with the evolution of eCommerce, in fact, this sector has also begun to establish itself among online customers, at decidedly more attractive prices.

Before making a purchase, however, assess the need for it; we are talking about valuable furnishings that require care and attention when being handled, touched and handled. Wasting a large budget on a country house, or for an occasional solution, would certainly be a waste.

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting furniture design models in the ProduceShop catalogue; all you have to do is choose one (or two, or all!).

Which are the best design furniture models?

  1. Restaurant AHD Chair

    A design chair that confirms ProduceShop’s idea of this segment: design in everyone’s home. We are in fact faced with a piece designed to furnish with style; a polypropylene structure that, in a sinuous intersection of tapered lines and empty spaces, furnishes any environment, private or public, giving a touch of elegance and minimalism with its simplicity.

    Dining Chair For Kitchen Home Bar Polypropylene Design Restaurant
  2. Chubby Slide armchair

    With its round and full lines, interspersed with a decisive and important stop on the front; the Chubby armchair by Slide is a bold furnishing element, in full modern and minimalist spirit, capable of bringing a colourful, soft and classy touch to any environment. Completely Made in Italy, it is one of the latest creations of Slide workshops, a guarantee of originality and perfection.

    Modern Design Armchair Outside Garden Bar Restaurant Chubby Slide
  3. Twist rocking armchair by Slide

    With its simple, compact and very colourful structure, Twist by Slide is easily adaptable to any furnishing style and situation that recalls modernity and liveliness, from pop and slightly 60s solutions to the most contemporary classy and minimalist environments. With its slightly inclined backrest, in this way we have a rocking solution that is perfect for a reading corner, a poolside seat, a comfortable break on our balcony.

    Rocking Armchair Modern Design Living Room Garden Terrace Twist Slide
  4. Bell L side table

    This little gem made by AHD is a shining example of how a design piece can be perfectly combined with all environments that intend to bring both an idea of modernity and eccentricity to the classic. A nice bell-shaped structure that, simple in its linearity, holds in a stable balance a comfortable and sturdy shelf, to enjoy tea or an afternoon coffee in a classy, contemporary and, above all, affordable environment.

    Modern Coffee Table 48×48 Plastic Kitchen Garden Bell L
  5. Slide Rococo Chaise Longue

    Born from the creative mind of Gianni Arnaudo, the Rococò by Slide, completely Made in Italy, is entirely made of recyclable polyethylene, resistant, flexible and versatile, making it ideal for outdoor spaces, where it can create a refined and modern light point thanks to its luminous function. For an extra touch of convenience, the wheels allow you to move it wherever you like.

    Bright Chaise Longue Modern Design Outdoor Garden Terrace Rococò Slide
  6. Gelée Slide armchair

    A futuristic vision of the classic living room pouf, the Gelée armchair recalls the gummy sweets that give the name to this entire Slide line. Made of polyurethane foam with a comfortable backrest, light and sturdy, it adapts to the shape of the body when seated, returning to its original lines and softness when freed. Soft colourful design!

    Outdoor Design Armchair For Garden Bar Restaurant Gelée Lounge Slide
  7. Pouf Sgabello CANC AHD

    A nice footstool or a comfortable PC stool? Both, of course! CANC (but its siblings CTRL and ALT are also available) is part of an AHD line designed for the most unconventional and exuberant environments; perfect for the modern home that wants to break away from the classic lines and dictates, for the contemporary showroom that needs to impress the visitor, and for today’s office, where comfort and liveliness are the best incentive for employees.

    Pouf Chair Stool In Plastic Keyboard Computer Pc CANC
  8. Ponente Slide sunbed

    The beach, swimming pool or garden sunbed for those who, even when relaxing, do not want to stop feeling like a star. The Ponente sunbed by Slide is a hymn to design, to contemporary furniture that combines technology of materials (polyethylene) with the most classic shapes; a sunbed that makes a poolside worthy of a Hollywood movie, or a bathing establishment a mix of nostalgic art and modern comfort.

    Modern Design Adjustable Sunbed Sea Garden Ponente Slide
  9. Patio Light Vase AHD

    Suitable not only for your plants, or to be used as a furnishing accessory: the Patio light vase from the AHD collection is the ideal complement to create a welcoming and suggestive atmosphere in your spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. With its double day/night soul, this Made in Italy pot is the classic multifunctional complement that succeeds in decorating with functionality and high-level design.

    Tall Square Modern Design Outdoor Vase With Light Kit Patio
  10. Kami San armchair by Slide

    Among the most interesting lines among Slide’s collections, Kami San is a polyethylene armchair, with a polyurethane cushion, that easily adapts to any kind of environment, indoor or outdoor, which has chosen to fill its spaces with design and multifaceted furniture. Sinuous lines that recall an entirely oriental harmony, which stand out in the environmental geometry and return perfectly to join each other and the surroundings. All you have to do is choose one of the beautiful colours (or why not, maybe more than one!).

    Armchair Outdoor Indoor Cushion Modern Design Origami Slide Kami San

Calculate your spaces, design your projects, choose pieces and colours; ProduceShop shows you the best Design Furniture in its catalogue, all you have to do is choose the ideal ones for your home and garden!

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