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Choosing a Charcoal Barbecue: The ProduceBlog Guide

Enjoying the first sunny days of spring, or getting ready for summer: what could be better than a barbecue?

Temperatures are starting to warm up: why not also start heating up the grill? Let’s see together how to choose the best Charcoal Barbecue among the models in the ProduceShop catalogue.

When choosing your grilling arsenal, there is never a single school that has an unequivocal opinion; some say gas, others electric, and others think that a charcoal barbecue is unbeatable.
Who is right? Nobody and everybody.

The choice of cooking method, in fact, is purely personal; each medium has its strengths and its small disadvantages, often linked to the habits of the person cooking. In addition, more often than not it is logistical requirements that lead us to opt for one type or another.

So if some time ago ProduceShop explained to you in detail how to choose a gas BBQ, today we’re looking at its twin; a complete guide to choosing a charcoal barbecue, with advice, ideas and the best models in our catalogue.

Charcoal Barbecue With Shelf Wheels And BBQ Embers Collector T-Bone

The advantages of BBQ cooking

When evaluating a barbecue (and more generally a hob), you need to list the different benefits that can come from this choice. Now, it is clear that the equipment does not work miracles; but for a true enthusiast, who knows the techniques well and knows how to get started, choosing the right charcoal barbecue is nothing more than the final step towards the barbecue of your dreams.

In addition to the unmistakable smoky taste that charcoal cooking gives food, there are several advantages to consider:

  • The use of other fats can be avoided;
  • on the barbecue you can carefully monitor the cooking process so that it is even;
  • grilling means that certain foods (meat and fish) are better prepared, which aids digestion and the assimilation of nutrients;
  • excess fat from cooking is automatically discarded;
  • enhances all flavours;
  • the use of too many seasonings is usually unnecessary (a little Maldon salt or pink pepper at most);
  • the meat is cooked to be more succulent and tasty, as well as tender, as it seals better, faster, and retains its juices during cooking.
Smokeless Charcoal Table Barbecue With Fan Galeras

How to choose a charcoal barbecue?

  1. Materials

    Carefully evaluate both the material of the barbecue (meaning the frame, the body and any other parts) and that of the grill(s). Obviously the best for strength, weight and ease of cleaning is stainless steel; a steel-aluminium alloy is also a good choice, as is aluminium alone, which is light and practical (especially for portable barbecues), as long as it does not contain nickel.

  2. Dimensions, weight and wheels

    Size is a parameter that should be considered according to two indications: the frequency of use of the BBQ and the food you intend to prepare on it. Let’s say that, on average, each diner occupies a space of about 20 x 20 cm on the grill; based on this figure, we can calculate the width of the grill according to how often we use the charcoal barbecue. Also, remember that different dishes have different sizes, so for example a steak is normally larger than vegetables or a piece of salmon.

    Therefore, based on size and material, think about weight; the barbecue should certainly be heavy enough to be stable and firm, but light enough to be movable, either for storage after use or in case of sudden and necessary movement. Finally, if it were equipped with two solid wheels, this would be a major plus in terms of convenience.

    Charcoal BBQ Barbecue With Electric Spit Rotisserie Wheels Gravy
  3. Type

    We have several types of charcoal barbecue; in general, we can distinguish them according to where we will use them most. Among the many alternatives available, to mention the most common, we can talk about:

    • garden barbecues: the largest and most common models, designed for barbecues with family and friends. Fixed or trolley-mounted, they often have a lid with a thermostat and various options;
    • Portable and camping BBQs: lightweight models, usually foldable, designed to be easily and safely transported by car or on foot, like a suitcase, once closed. They usually have a support frame and a simple grill;
    • Balcony or table models: these are the smallest and can be easily stored in a kitchen cabinet. They are grills with a closed charcoal part, equipped with a smoke-free system, so they can be placed in the middle of the table without disturbing diners. Perfect for small groups or romantic dinner parties.
  4. Lid and ventilation

    Some models, especially garden models, have a lid; this serves to circumscribe the cooking area, so that all the dishes are cooked more evenly. This creates a cooking chamber, the temperature of which can be kept under control by the thermostat built into the lid.

    It is important to check the ventilation of the lid; almost all the best models have a vent, or nozzle, or window, with an adjustable opening, to keep the passage of air and the exchange with the smoke inside constant and optimal, so as not to corrupt the food during cooking.

    Barbecue Grill Portable Folding BBQ Steel Charcoal Camping Garden Oak
  5. Location

    Depending on its size, you should choose where to place your charcoal barbecue. Ideally, you should arrive at the time of purchase with this detail already clear. As a fixed suggestion, however, remember one detail: whether it is a garden, table, balcony or camping barbecue, the important thing is that it should always be at least 1.5 m away from the table and from any flammable sources (trees, bushes). Also, make sure that the cooking area is easily ventilated.

  6. Accessories

    There are several accessories that you can buy with your BBQ (or that are often supplied with it). Starting with cases for portable barbecues, through to outdoor covers for garden barbecues; also complete sets of cooking utensils, with knives, sauce syringes, tongs, skewers and more, often stored in handy bags (such as the one from the brand Mr.Tuzza, which is complete and equipped). Lastly, accessories incorporated into the barbecue itself, such as smokers, skewers with an electric motor to turn them, and drawers for collecting embers.

    Charcoal Barbecue With Smoker BBQ Chimney And Wheels Brisket

Our mouths are already watering thinking about the next barbecue, aren’t they? Well, don’t waste time then; choose one of the many charcoal barbecues in the ProduceShop catalogue, especially after reading our complete guide. Garden parties coming up for everyone!

Charcoal barbecue with smoker BBQ chimney and wheels Brisket
Charcoal barbecue with shelf wheels and BBQ embers collector T-Bone
Charcoal BBQ barbecue with electric spit rotisserie wheels Gravy
Barbecue Grill Portable Folding BBQ Steel Charcoal Camping Garden Oak
Barbecue grill steel portable folding BBQ charcoal garden camping Ash
Charcoal barbecue grill portable BBQ folding steel garden camping Poplar
Charcoal barbecue grill portable folding case Beech
Folding portable charcoal barbecue briefcase grill Jujube