Home Buying Guide: Choosing Solar Garden Lamps, Street Lights and Spotlights

Buying Guide: Choosing Solar Garden Lamps, Street Lights and Spotlights

Cost-effective and ecological, these are simple but very functional solutions; street lamps, spotlights or wall lights, let’s see how to choose them!

Solar-powered lighting is a responsible and efficient choice. So ProduceShop tells you how to choose the best solar lamps for your garden, driveway and outdoors. Let’s find out together!

Outdoor lighting isn’t always seen as an opportunity for decoration; perhaps for
reasons of permits, perhaps for requirements, we simply need to light up a driveway. In this case, choosing solar lamps could be an effective solution; not only for energy reasons, but above all for their green efficiency.

But since the market offers so many different options, how do we choose the right one?
The answer is simple: choose a competent and well-stocked retailer, such as ProduceShop. You’ll find a wide but not overwhelming range of solar street lights, and our handy buying guide to help you choose. So what are we waiting for? Read the advice now!

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What they are and how they work

As the name suggests, these are lamps in a wide variety of shapes that don’t need to be connected to the power supply in your house or garden. They are connected to a small solar cell, i.e. a mini-panel that accumulates solar energy, which is stored in a battery that will then supply the lamp with power.

This is just the basic definition of course; different models have different features, depending on use and needs. Some are equipped with light sensors, or motion sensors, or switches; the different IP certifications guarantee resistance to different stresses, decreeing the environment of use. Whatever the purpose, however, it is clear that there are enough types to suit all types of users.

Advantages of choosing solar lamps

Opting for spotlights and solar lamps brings a number of advantages, not least the fact that you do not have to depend on a power connection. Many other types of lamps and spotlights have to be connected to a socket or even require work on the mains in your home or garden. Models with interchangeable batteries, on the other hand, risk leaving you ‘in the dark’ if, for example, the battery suddenly runs out.

Solar lamps not only have several hours of autonomy (8 to 12 hours for those with automatic switching), but the battery guarantees a life of 4 to 7 years. In addition to consuming less energy, LED lights last on average 10 times longer than normal light bulbs.

Without ignoring the fact that solar lights are, above all, an ecological choice; by exploiting solar energy they remain a closed and finished system, which does not use other (often non-renewable) energy sources, thus limiting waste and environmental impact.

Solar Garden Lamp 8 Leds 100 Lumen Built In Solar Panel

Types and Models

Although the design is not normally the strong point of this kind of light, there are different types and models of solar lamps.

Let’s say that the shape essentially changes depending on the environment in which we want to place them, the use and the type of lamp. However, ProduceShop has managed to select a number of attractively designed models to give you the chance to add a useful and functional element to your outdoors, but without depriving them of a touch of decoration.

Among the most common types are:

  • Projector: these are ideal for lighting driveways and passages, especially if equipped with a movement sensor. Often of a very industrial and essential design, they are simple lamps with a panel placed above or beside them;
  • Spotlights: normally smaller, often flush mounted in a wall or other element, they are also more decorative or at least ‘invisible‘;
  • Appliques: just like indoor appliques, these are wall lamps, but without a suspension element. Whether they are small or large, they are perfect for terraces and rooms where you don’t need too much light. However, they are difficult to direct;
  • Streetlights: among the most original and personalized elements, these lamps emerge from the ground to lead us side by side towards the door of the house. In a wide variety of designs, they can also be taller and brighter to illuminate larger areas;
  • Decorative: shaped like a sphere, a diamond, a cube or an animal, these are all design solar lamps that, in addition to their primary purpose of illuminating, decorate and enhance exteriors.
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How to choose solar lamps?

  1. Autonomy

    Charging time in the sun (so make sure the lamp is well exposed) is usually between 7 and 10 hours. During the day, the solar panel will then recharge the battery, which will accumulate energy to stay lit. The operating time varies from 8 hours to several nights, depending on the power of the lamp, the integrated functions and the lighting system chosen.

  2. Intensity and colour

    Outdoor lights can normally be of two different colours, cold (white) or warm (yellow). The intensity or flow of light is measured in lumens, ranging from the most basic (around 1000 lumens) to the strongest (5000 and more lumens), depending on where you place them. The higher the brightness, and therefore the greater the power of the electronic system, the higher the energy consumption.

    Solar Lamp Post 60 Leds 1500 LM Motion & Dusk Till Dawn Detectors Square
  3. Switching

    The switching system can vary depending on the model and how it is used. Almost all solar lamps are equipped with a manual ignition system, which can be switched on either by means of a switch or a remote control, so that you can decide when and if you want to switch it on, which is useful if you are away from home for several days.

    Other models are instead equipped with automatic switching, normally linked to specific sensors;The twilight sensor switches the light on as soon as it gets dark, i.e. in the evening and, very cleverly, depending on the season and the length of the day. Obviously, the light will be switched off at dawn. The motion sensor, which is very useful for driveways or second homes, switches the spotlight on as soon as someone passes under or in front of a connected photocell, which switches the lamp on for a set period of time.

  4. Location

    Different models require different spaces. So consider carefully WHERE you are going to place your solar lamps; wall lights are normally placed near entrances and sensitive spots, such as terraces and French windows. Lamp posts usually lead owners and guests down the driveway or along prepared paths. As for flush mounted spotlights or other types of lamp, they are arranged to be more useful where they are needed.

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  5. Additional functionality

    Some outdoor lamps have interesting extras that can be very useful. For example, we have wall lights with a sanitizing UV lamp: by passing objects and bags, backpacks, surfaces (but not eyes and skin) under the lamp before entering the house, the ultraviolet light immediately exterminates viruses, bacteria and other dangerous pathogens.

    Others may have alarms, cameras and sound and footstep detectors to supplement the home’s control and alarm system. They can often be combined with your own intercom.

  6. Budget

    In some cases, these are high-priced items; the choice ProduceShop has made in this case is to favour state-of-the-art systems and high-quality materials, in order to offer perfect, long-lasting items. As always, pay more to pay once. So calculate your budget on the basis of your needs and overall expenditure on outdoor décor.

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Let’s start shining a light on our exteriors too; choose only the best Solar Lamps, Spotlights and Solar Streetlights from the ProduceShop catalogue. Functional elements yes, but without ignoring the design of your dehors!

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