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Best Wall Clocks

A decorative element, but also a useful aid to domestic organisation; let’s discover the most interesting models of the moment.

Many people, especially in the digital age, can see the beauty (and usefulness) of wall clocks. Let’s discover together the design models proposed by ProduceShop.

Decorating one’s own home means, first of all, choosing the elements closest to our aesthetic taste; that these, then, also have a function, and are therefore useful and at the same time beautiful, is nothing but a plus. So when we talk about home decor, we think of all the design objects which, in any case, also have a function; wall clocks are probably among the most emblematic representatives of this macro-category.

It has to be said that, unfortunately, in the digital age this interesting object has lost some ground, in favour of home automation elements and mobile phones; but has it really disappeared?

The answer, of course, is a resounding no!
Today, ProduceShop presents the top 10 models in its catalogue, but beware: these are not the only ones. If you’re still curious and need many more pieces, take a tour of our site and you’ll see that, in the end, the perfect wall clock will turn up in the blink of an eye!

Wall Clock Modern Design Colourful Living Room Office Matisse

Why choose one?

Decorating your wall with a beautiful clock is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind; in fact, to be honest, hanging decoration is generally one of the least popular. Yet, filling a white space with something beautiful, aesthetically outstanding, is the best way to give tone and character to your home.

While not everyone particularly likes paintings and prints (but that’s probably because you haven’t seen ours yet!), everyone certainly needs to mark the course of time in their day. Now, the asepticity of a shiny phone screen is not always at hand, just as many hate the wristwatch, so what could be more natural than to turn your gaze to the wall, and always know what time it is?

Also, for those who don’t want to give in to the minimalist design of certain models, we have great news; all the pieces we are proposing are strictly Made in Italy, and are the result of the work of the best designers of the moment. Artistic, unique pieces, in the most diverse styles, which bring utility and beauty to every home at the most opportune moment.

Modern Decorative Wall Clock Office Living Room Ride And Live

Wall clocks: some quick advice

Before proceeding to the purchase, in this case we must be prepared on two fronts: the technical details and the aesthetic characteristics.

The first must be evaluated essentially to ensure we are buying a quality product; the second, to be sure that the various wall clocks you are evaluating are at least in line with the general spirit of the room. To summarize, the factors to consider include:

  • analogue VS digital (i.e. pointers VS numbers)
  • shape (round, square, free-form)
  • size (diameter or side)
  • colours
  • style (minimal, artistic, pure design, vintage, industrial)
  • materials
  • designer and origin
  • budget (designer products generally cost more, but are true pieces of art)

What are the best Designer Wall Clocks?

  1. Mirò

    With a surrealist air, simple, effective language, this wall clock carries on the rebellious and anti-conventional spirit of the artist whose name it bears; the Mirò is among the most iconic wall clocks in this collection, elementary in design but full and important in terms of visual impact. Perfect for decorating any room with art and functionality.

    Wall Clock Square Modern Design Coloured Art Mirò
  2. Mondrian Big

    Neoplasticism and clean lines, primary colours and white spaces, harmony and balance of elements; we are not analysing a work of art (or perhaps we are), but describing a wall clock that brings the inspiration and genius of the artist who baptized it into every home. The Mondrian Big is the perfect solution for home and office, for all environments where you want to create impact and remember the time in the meantime.

    Wall Clock Modern Design Magnetic Board Mondrian Big
  3. Tree of Life

    Everyone knows that the concentric rings of a tree trunk tell its story, listing every spring and preserving every intrusion and intervention, whether by man or nature. The Tree of Life wall clock is therefore the perfect candidate to decorate the walls of those who, in choosing this design object, want to bring the very concept of time, both abstract and artistic, back onto their walls.

    Wall Clock Square Modern Minimal Design Tree Of Life
  4. Post It Industrial

    A long, slate-coloured magnetic surface as a free palette for our memos, thoughts, lists and memories; the Post It Industrial magnetic board is much more than a simple wall clock, in fact completing its function with a small, versatile and very useful addition. Adaptable in verse, colour and size to any design situation, the simplicity of the analogue dial is in perfect harmony with the surface ready to hold, as the name suggests, post-it notes.

    Wall Clock Horizontal Magnetic Blackboard Post It Industrial
  5. AmOre

    A play on words and striking colours, to sum up in a name everything we look for in our need to feel at home; the AmOre wall clock encloses in a small square canvas the immortal appeal of red and the heart icon, framing an analogue dial reduced to the essential of three hands. A completely Made in Italy idea, for a clock that, at every glance, can also bring a smile of good humour.

    Modern Wall Clock Design Heart Living Room Kitchen AmOre
  6. S-Enso

    If a fleeting brushstroke is not the most suitable element to represent the fast and lively passing of time, then we don’t know what could do it better. Among the designer wall clocks, the S-Enso, one of the top sellers in the line presented here, is certainly one of those that best conveys something beyond its simple function. And to further underline its versatile spirit, it also fits the colour that inspires you.

    Modern Decorative Japanese Style Wall Clock 50x50cm S-Enso
  7. Bike On

    Passion that meets necessity, a wheel to stand the passing of time: the most succinct and effective description for Bike On, a modern wall clock with an imaginative and fresh design. Colours reduced to a minimum, a useful advice at the top, a sunburst of minutes flowing inexorably; hand screen-printed and Made in Italy, finally, to complete this small urban picture.

    Modern Square Wall Clock 50x50cm Design Bicycle Bike On
  8. Narciso

    A few minutes to go, the last touches in front of the mirror and you ask yourself “What time is it?”. All this at a glance, thanks to a complete and minimalist design object such as the Narciso wall clock. The hands at the top no longer beat out the time to be spent, like the hero of the myth, watching us in front of the reflection, but the passing of every minute while waiting for us at the door!

    Modern Design Vertical Wall Mirror Clock Narcissus
  9. Kandinsky

    To quote the immortal artist who lent his name to this beautiful designer watch, “Art goes beyond the limits into which time would like to compress it, and indicates the content of the future.” This is the sense in choosing a wall clock like the Kandinsky: to place in the centre of the void of one’s wall a piece of art that surpasses the very time imprisoned in it, whether it be the hands or the beautiful moments experienced in front of it.

    Wall Clock Modern Design Office Living Room Kitchen Kandinsky
  10. Crossword

    Time is a word, someone once said, so why can’t a clock be a word too? Crossword is the modern and most pop piece in this collection of Made in Italy design wall clocks; completely hand screen printed, in the confusing order of the crossword words you can play at reading the time every time, with the pleasure of having a piece of art to point it out to you from the wall.

    Modern Decorative Wall Clock Square Living Room Crossword

There is (literally) no time to lose! Choose now one of our Design Wall Clocks, hand screen-printed and Made in Italy, and start decorating your home with taste and functionality, to “keep up with the times“.

Wall clock design round colorful modern Azulejo D
Wall clock design round modern colorful Azulejo C
Round wall clock modern colorful design Azulejo B
Round wall clock modern industrial design Classico
Round wall clock arcade video game modern Love Invaders
Round wall clock colorful modern design Azulejo A
Round modern contemporary art design wall clock Mondrian
Small round wall clock modern design nature Fiori Blu