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A small segment in a very large product category; let’s see together the best models offered by ProduceShop.

Be careful: don’t call them desk lamps! Table Lamps, in fact, are born with a completely different outlook; where the former focused on functionality, these focus on design.

There are furnishing elements that often leave aside their primary function to give way to design; the lighting sector, among the most useful, is full of similar cases. If we take table lamps as an example, we will immediately realize that we are dealing with aesthetic objects, which “secondarily” illuminate rooms.

In line with current trends, ProduceShop offers various models in the table lamp section; eclectic, classic, industrial and Christmas models. The most popular features? You’re sure to find them in our catalogue! Let’s take a look at some of the top sellers together.

Owl Table Lamp Design SLIDE Bubo

Table VS Desk, Design VS Functionality

Many people confuse a desk lamp with a table lamp; although the pieces of furniture they are placed next to are similar (and in some cases interchangeable), we are actually talking about quite different objects: in terms of functionality and construction.

Let’s start by saying that a table lamp is actually designed for different types of support and the table is kept as a conventional name, since, in ancient times, it represented the centre of the room (if not of the house). Today this kind of lamp is also found on sideboards, chests of drawers, consoles, bedside tables or bookcases. These are decorative elements, in which the aesthetic side takes the upper hand, and the light most often serves to give atmosphere or contribute to the ambience, but not with primary importance.

On a desk, the lamp must first of all illuminate the work surface; they are usually articulated lamps, dedicated to practicality and functionality. You can see how they are decidedly opposed to the former.

Table Lamp Christmas Nativity Houses Scandinavian Design Slide Kolme

Some useful information

Before making any purchase, it is always better to check the characteristics of the product we want to buy because this way, we will not risk regretting a wrong purchase, saving time and money.

In particular, when we talk about table lamps (but more generally about lighting), we should take into consideration at least these factors:

  • materials: normally metal is the most used for the stem/body of the lamp, although nowadays wood and plastics (polyethylene or polycarbonate, both translucent) are becoming more and more popular. Glass is also a popular choice just as it is fabric for ceiling lights;
  • power supply: while many lamps have to be connected to the mains with a cable and a socket, now many have a batteries and also USB rechargeable;
  • Bulb: When choosing the light, and its intensity, consider the type of bulb. It can be normal (incandescent), although LEDs are increasingly common today, for reasons of economy and efficiency. Also, think about whether you need white (cool) or yellow (warm) light.

What are the best table lamps?

  1. Bella

    Here we are dealing with a true emblem of design and elegance; The Bella table lamp is the most popular table lamp for decorating both homes and public spaces. A globe of light suspended in the centre of a linear, stylized structure to create a contrast of straight lines and curves in golden tones.

    Golden Design Table Lamp With Glass Sphere Abat Jour Bella
  2. Buddha

    A point of luminous calmness and serenity, to give every room its bright focus and give it a soft glow: Buddha by Slide is among the most interesting lamps in the design segment. Rotationally moulded in polyethylene, the translucent material makes the light of this lamp soft and relaxing, perfectly in theme with the subject and the philosophy linked to it. Ideal for the coffee table at home, the console, but also for the most alternative and original bars.

    Design Table Lamp For Home Bar Restaurant Slide Buddha
  3. Crystal

    In the world of design, the combination of old and new often results in timeless masterpieces. Crystal table lamp, by Supernova, is one such example; a traditional design re-proposed with modern, plastic materials in an example of soft light with prismatic and decisive lines. It is the perfect centrepiece for an elegant table.

    Modern Design Table Lamp Transparent Home Restaurant Crystal
  4. Globo In

    The simplicity of basic shapes, such as the sphere, often needs no additions or changes; the Globo In lamp, designed for contemporary, minimalist interiors, is one of the examples that best reflect this definition. A perfect sphere in translucent polyethylene, which softly and sensually illuminates any environment in which it is placed, regardless of the diameter chosen. A young product with a bold and trendy design.

    Modern Design Spherical Table Floor Lamp Slide Globo In
  5. Gunther

    Within the contract segment there is a demand for simple, straightforward lamps that can be adapted to many different environments and that respond efficiently to functional requirements. The Gunther is undoubtedly the most iconic lamp in this sense; its solid base makes it a perfect table centrepiece, its slender stem supports a softly lit LED light element, which gives light and warmth in a soft and elegant way. No wires: the convenient USB charging makes it a wireless and practical decorative element.

    Wireless LED Table Lamp Modern Design Home Restaurant Gunther
  6. Globo 25

    Globo 25 is a great classic by Slide, but it is small in size and battery-powered for its RGB LED light, making it an ideal gift for all design lovers. Essential and elegant, the Globo table lamp can easily occupy any position in indoor and outdoor settings.

    Table Lamp Colored Ball RGB Modern Design Slide Globo 25 LED
  7. Cubo

    A table lamp or a lamp table; Cubo by Slide is the polymorphic and versatile design lamp that makes any room a true temple of modern design. You can choose the ideal length of the side, so as to adapt it to the needs of the room or venue; the soft light of the polyethylene structure makes it a discreet and refined lighting point.

    Modern Contemporary Design Table Floor Lamp Slide Cubo

Still in doubt? Just click on the button below and take a tour of the ProduceShop catalogue. You’re sure to find the right one for you among the various models of Table Lamps. It’s just a matter of putting some light into your search!

Lampada da tavolo artigianale design moderno minimalista Esse
Modern design table lamp transparent home restaurant Crystal
Table lamp Christmas Houses Nativity Scandinavian design Slide Kuusi
Table lamp Christmas Nativity Houses Scandinavian design Slide Kolme
Table Lamp Colored Ball RGB Modern Design Slide Globo 25 LED
Sphere Table And Floor Lamp Contemporary Minimalist Design Slide Globo Out
Floor lamp sphere marble effect design by Slide Mineral Stand
Christmas present cube table floor lamp Merry Cubo by slide