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7 Ideas for furnishing the perfect AirBnB flat

Entering the short term rental market is not as easy as many people think. Furnishing the right environment can often be the first obstacle.

Together with the experts at ProduceShop, let’s take a look at some useful tips on how to furnish the perfect flat. Making a splash on AirBnB and all the other channels will be child’s play, guaranteed!

When you’re lucky enough to have an extra home, or you decide to invest in real estate, one solution that many people opt for is short term rentals. Nowadays, if you don’t want to risk opening a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast, many people choose easier services; AirBnB certainly stands out among them. A young portal that offers the opportunity to rent a room or a house even for one night, with many fewer worries than an accommodation facility.

But with all the natural competition that follows, what can make the difference?
The house itself, of course!
Furnishing a perfect flat for AirBnB doesn’t mean putting in some second-rate furniture; working on reviews, and having to amaze (and even pamper) so many customers and tenants, you need to equip yourself with creativity and imagination. And a certain amount of good taste.
How do you do it? Just follow this simple guide from ProduceBlog, of course!

Furnishing an AirBnB flat with taste and personality

Location and Style

Let’s say it’s a bit about the two starting points. Depending on the location of your house or flat, you are more or less likely to be chosen as a destination for tenants and tourists. If you are already in a beautiful city, perhaps in the centre or close to places of interest, the hard work is done; but if unfortunately the house is in the suburbs, in uninteresting areas, or in cities that are not particularly beautiful, you will have to work hard to make yourself attractive to travellers.

Therefore, working on the style of the house can be done in two ways: adapt to a beautiful landscape or compensate for an uninteresting area.
You can therefore choose to furnish the flat in a classic style or perhaps, being in the countryside, a little more country, vintage or shabby chic; you can opt for wood and metal in an industrial, minimal or even steampunk style. Choose something marine themed, or travel, or grandma’s house or, which is very fashionable, mix and match styles room by room to create an eclectic home that can be adapted to all tastes. Work on originality and a sense of wonder, to get listed and well reviewed, of course.

Tidiness first!

While a clean house is always better in any case and for everyone, here we are talking about hygiene for guests, so make sure that the cleanliness of the house for AirBnB is always optimal and perfect. Sanitizing and sterilizing the most frequently used areas is the minimum, and focusing more on bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms is essential; remember not only that you have to guarantee this kind of service to your guests, but that a lot of reviews will depend on this important factor.

If, for reasons of commitment or work, you can’t personally take care of the house cleaning on AirBnB, do a calculation on the expenses and costs and perhaps include them as an option or in the final price by using a professional company.
Since unfortunately not all guests will take care of your belongings (but we hope so), both in terms of cleanliness and integrity, avoid leaving personal items, heirlooms or mementos; better to furnish from scratch and at a reasonable cost.

Classically furnished AirBnB living room

7 ideas for the best way to furnish an AirBnB flat

  1. Entrance: your business card

    If the first impression the client will have of the house is at the entrance, you just have to start impressing from here! So make sure that you have all the necessary comforts (a cabinet for keys, an umbrella stand, a shoe rack). Don’t skimp on decorations perhaps floral, and cleanliness either. Remember: first impressions count, and not just a little!

  2. Pictures, posters, coloured walls

    An empty wall may be elegant in an office, but in a house it just speaks of laziness and silence. Without exaggerating, fill the walls with pictures, posters, prints and whatever else you can find; you can find many different solutions, suitable for any style, whether vintage, modern or pop. The colour of the wall also counts: brightness for a young environment, pastel and light colours for a totally relaxed flat.

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  3. Lamps

    If a centralised lighting point, such as a pendant or wall chandelier, is certainly easier to install or manage, choosing different lamps for different lighting points could be an original, interesting and very functional solution. Choose beautiful floor lamps where they are most needed, or table lamps for reading, working or cooking. Don’t forget that beautiful lamps illuminate while furnishing!

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  4. Small comforts

    If you come on holiday to relax, you expect not to have to think about anything else; so make sure you leave whatever is most useful for your guests during their stay. A bookcase with something to read, certainly a WiFi connection, possibly a printer. Don’t forget the often overlooked furnishings such as a coat racks, shoe racks, bedside tables and towel rails. A safe and a tidy tray can be a small plus; pamper your guests, and rest assured they will speak well of you!

  5. Comfortable beds and mattresses

    No-one wants to pay for a house or room and end up sleeping on an uncomfortable bed; so make sure you choose large, spacious beds with good quality, comfortable mattresses. Bed linen should also always be fresh and clean. A good night’s sleep guarantees a pleasant day, and your guests will be grateful for that!

  6. Kitchen

    Standing out as a top host among the many on AirBnB means thinking ahead to what a guest would ask of you; the kitchen, the meeting place par excellence, is the perfect opportunity to stand out among the competition. Whether your guests use it or just need the room, make sure that nothing is ever missing from the kitchen. So equip yourself with a microwave, a coffee machine and coffeemaker, a wine cellar (if you leave a few bottles chilled you’ll get great reviews), crockery and cutlery. If you also want to leave some basic necessities such as sugar, salt, water, coffee, tea oil, napkins and milk, this will be yet another plus point for your hospitality and service.

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  7. Comfortable and welcoming bathrooms

    If a guest arrives who has been travelling all day, or one who is tired from a business trip, leaving a clean, fresh and tidy bathroom will be the best gift. A little trick could be leaving small welcome kits with soap, shower gel and perfume, as well as clean linen. The best? A nice bathtub, relaxing, romantic and certainly impressive.

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Climbing to the top to become host of the year is not easy, but you can work at it; our Guide leaves you with not only some useful tips, but a list of great products from the ProduceShop catalogue. So what’s left to do? Start decorating your AirBnB flat and impress your guests!

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